Greetings From Ecuador

Greetings from Ecuador! Today we had another fun day of sight seeing! We went to Pujili where we saw local Indians create ceramic art work. The kids were able to purchase art work directly from the artist! Then we had traditional Ecuadorian lunch of chicken, rice, potatoes, and soup… the leaders managed to get soup with the actual chicken foot in it!  We were reminded of Dave Cochran’s message during rally where we learned ¨What He feeds me, I will swallow and where He leads me, I will follow¨!!!  We did some additional shopping at a local market and found some great gifts for family and supporters. We handed out a lot of EV coins too! The kids who rode back in the taxi even witnessed to the taxi driver on the drive home! What a blessing! Mrs. Little arrived this week and the the kids were out of their minds with excitement! We are looking forward to cooking for the leaders who are arriving tomorrow for seminar and setting up the camp for Boot Camp, which starts on Monday!! We are looking forward to helping to set up and see the Ecuadorian Boot Camp. It has been really sunny and warm lately. We are enjoying the sunshine- and even getting a little tan!! The kids are really excited to receive mail. They really enjoy hearing from home and sharing about their families. The leaders are especially thankful for the words of encouragement from Mrs. Shoff.


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