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We have had the opportunity to visit two state schools this week and do some presentations. On Wednesday we went to Cooroy State Primary school and did three half-hour sessions. There were probably about 250 kids over all and the team was able to do puppets, dramas and singing to kids 6-11 years old. There was a great interaction between the kids and our teens. Lauren used the wordless book to share the gospel, Brayden used a disappearing cloth trick to talk about how God had taken away our sins. Amy used a $100 bill to illustrate the value of each child in the eyes of God regardless of what they had been through or done. Cole got the kids involved in demonstrating how words can be used as weapons and that God wants us to be kind with our words. Others were involved in puppet songs, singing and explaining the songs and dramas. Today we went to the Sunshine Beach Primary School where we had two twenty minute sessions (another 200 or so kids) – we got some different teens doing the various aspects of the presentations. AJ did the Wordless Book, Jeremy did the $100 bill illustration and Jordan challenged the kids about their words using balloons. The team really enjoyed the time spent presenting to the kids and we have one more school next Wednesday. This afternoon on the way home from the school, the team stopped off at Hastings street to do some shopping in Noosa Heads. They also went to McDonalds and a number of the team made the most of that opportunity. They also had a few opportunities to speak with people passing by about who they were and what they were doing. We never ended up going to Australia Zoo this week as the day we were going was Bindi’s Birthday (Steve Irwin’s daughter) and all young children were free – so there would have been 1000’s there – so we decided to go next Thursday instead when it might be a little quieter. We are planning to go to the Salvation Army for church on Sunday morning where the team will have an opportunity to do a drama and share some testimonies, so your prayers are appreciated. It was one of the BMW students’ birthdays today so we had cake and party hats tonight before bed which was fun. We haven’t had any rain yet – just blue skies and cool in the evenings – lows of about 9-10 C and highs of about 20 C.


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