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Jessie: Hey Mom and Dad!  I’m really having a good time here. I miss all of you so much. I can’t wait to see you guys. I have a lot of pictures to show you guys when I get home. Love ya guys so much. Love, Jessie

Karis (aka One Arm!) Hey Mom and Dad… yesterday I jumped in a river to save Jacob’s camera!  He was standing over the river and dropped his camera and I just decided to jump in!  Don’t worry, I remembered to keep my cast out of the water!!!  It was a good thing because Mr. Mike could pull me out! Mr. Mike took his sweater off and grabbed the camera- imagine that!  The water was freezing. And then we hiked up a really steep hillside.  After getting back to the base, I changed my clothes and had to wear bread bags on my feet the rest of the day. Oh by the way, can I take my cast off now??  It already slips off!  I’m trying to keep it on though! The base here is beautiful. You can see the mountains and a ton of waterfalls. I have done a lot of work things like lifting benches and painting and all sorts of stuff like that. I love you guys soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. XOXOXOXOXOOOOXXXOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXOXOO Karis

Mitchell-Dear Mom and Dad and Sister (and baby), I am having a good time and I really am enjoying it here in Ecuador. Today we went to go shopping from the Indians. I bought some gifts and stuff. It was really fun. I love you Mom and Dad and Sister (and baby). May the Force Be With You. Mitchell

Daniel-Hi Mom and Dad. I am having a very good time in Ecuador. We get to go on nature walks sometimes and there are beautiful waterfalls and flowers. Today was Juan Carlos´ birthday. We got to go to the town where the Indians had a little market and we bought some stuff. I’ve got something for everyone.  I’m having a nice time with my teammates and leaders. I think I’ll buy a digital camera because my disposable ones are all out of pictures. We went a volcano- Quilotoa- and from the base you can even see Mt. Cotopaxi and two others. I am going to really miss Ecuador but I can’t wait to see you! Love, Daniel

Wynter-Hi!  Mr. Mike is the most annoying- I mean awesome leader ever!  He won’t stop calling me punkin!  HA HA! Ecuador is great. I like Mrs. Jen because she never calls me punkin! We have tea for breakfast a lot and I don’t really like it all! I even got and SB because I couldn’t finish drinking it. YUCK! I like the girls on my team. Karis and I have a really good time together. My favorite thing so far is seeing Mt. Quilotoa. It has a huge lake in the middle where the top blew off. Miss Beth has a cool accent just like me! The girls made a really funny skit for Mr. Josiah for his birthday. He turned 19! He sings us the “Sitting During Work” song a lot!! LOL Thanks for the letters! I love you! I can”t wait to see you in two weeks! Love Wynter (aka Punkin’)

Jonathan-Dear Mom and Dad, Joe, Nathan, Donna, and Adam, We are having a great time here in Ecuador.  Unfortunately we were not able to build the road. Instead we are doing work around the base. For example, we are pulling weeds and I am very thankful for the projects Mr.Mike gives me when we are working in the garden. We did, however, rebuild the drive way to the Teen Missions Base. It was about 30 feet concrete. We got to go sight seeing today- we went to Pujili. A town in Ecuador (duh)! I bought two paintings hand made on sheeps skin for just fifteen dollars.  Um, Saturday we might be going to the jungle. Mr. Mike´s tea tastes wonderful unlike Miss Beth’s. The meals here are actually pretty good, but not a good as yours of course. I found out that Miss Beth is Canadian. I think that is pretty cool.  I found out that we have to memorize about 19 verses which is hard for me because I can’t memorize verses very well or very quickly. I am on verse 13 but I am supposed to be on 16. I am only 3 behind! Mr. Josiah is a really nice leader. He sings to us at night before we go to bed. He was very nice this morning because he was going to let us have an extra 20 minutes of sleep, but Mr. Mike woke us up at 7:10!  Mrs Jen is fun too! Love you all and miss you! Jonathan


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