We Are Determined To Finish

PaintingHello again from Einigen, Switzerland! After a couple of cold, wet days, the weather has mellowed to optimum conditions, allowing us to begin applying the “grundierung”, or “base layer” of white paint to the delicate wood shingles and detailed wood carvings of the old Schlössli. It was amazing for the staff members and guests of Schlössli le Rüdli to look out their windows during those would-be dreary days of rain and wind and see the American teens toughing it out on the scaffolding; chipping away at that old paint with smiles on their faces and even songs on their lips! Every once in a while someone would open their window and talk with our team members, giving them friendly smiles and bits of chocolate to snack on. Joyful hearts shine the brightest on the darkest days, and the team shone with the joy of the Lord for those two days. Praise God! Now with clear skies and comfortable temperatures, all the focus has been turned to completing the painting of the house. We are wrapping up the work of scraping and sanding away of the old paint, and are now washing it down, patching it with wood putty, and coating it with the first of three paint layers. The schedule will be tight, but the team is determined to finish the project completely by the end of their time here in Einigen. (One team member even spent his free time yesterday afternoon washing the shingled walls, saying: “I want to be able to go home and say: ‘We finished it.'”) Pray that the rain stays away so the painting can proceed with the utmost speed.


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