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Malawi Completed ProjectGreetings to Teen Missions. Sorry this report is a little tardy but the internet wasn’t working for a couple of days. We completed the gardens at the two Rescue Units and now we have just one more and that is on the base. We should have it done by the time we leave for home. We work about an adverage of five hours a day and then we play with the orphans for about two hours after that. It works out well that way. The team said goodbye to all the kids at the House of Joel Unit because today was their last time going there. We played games and did puppets and sang songs. Some of the orphans sang songs to us. It was a huge blessing. Last Sunday we did something really fun. We went to the beach and ate lunch at a restaurant. The food was really good. We got to swim in the lake. It was pretty cold there but we still had fun. We did devos at the beach also. We hope to go boating and shopping sometime in the future. Anyway may the Lord bless you guys. Below are some more blurbs that the team members wrote:

Ellie Rose – Hey everyone. So how has ya’lls summer been going. I’m having so much fun. We haven’t seen any hippos yet but I have to see some. The sunsets here are so beautiful. I can’t wait to get home so I can see you all. I hope my sheep is being nice to you guys oh and I love the weather here. Also I’ve had a cold the whole time. I can’t taste well. Well love you all so much. Lovel Ellie Rose.

Jessi – Hey every one! I’m still having a fun time. Even though I’m not feeling good and I’m kind of ready to come home. Sometimes I miss my family but I try not to cause it to ruin my trip. Anyway, the church that we went to was really pretty. We saw some orphans there too! So cute! Orphans are so fun. Our time at the beach was really fun. Even though it was super cold! The food that we ate was amazing too! (again!) tata for now! I love u mommy, Daddy, Brandon, Darin, All of my relatives. And every one else!

Paul  – I’m so excited! Only four more workdays! I’m so loving Malawi. It is so awesome. We’ve had a lot of fun here playing with the orphans. We’ve been working with gardens. One of them is already done. We’ve been having really good food lately. Our propane tank ran out so we had to have cold lunches lately. The people here are really freindly and nice. I really like Malawi.

Dani B. – We have begun working at the House of Joel Resscue Unit. We have planted a new garden there and are hauling bricks to level out their chapel floor. We got to go out to eat in Chipoka. We also went swimming (it was FREEZING!). I am having fun.

Allie S – I’m having a great time! I had a lot of fun on Sunday at the lake. I’m having lots of fun with the orphans They are all so sweet, and love it when you take pictures of them. I love when we go on Saturdays because more kids come. And we play lots of games with them. It’s really fun to do presentations for them too. Can’t wait to see you! Love Allie

Ellie A. – Hi everyone! I miss ya guys so much! I will really miss Africa though! I will see you guys in less than 2 weeks… Wow this summer has gone by so quickly!!! We planted fruit trees today. That was fun. We got to play with the orphans afterwards. We LOVE that! haha

Gavin  – This is pretty fun here at the field and the time is passing so quickly that when we’ve been here two weeks, it feels like two days. We have some very annoying kids on our team and some others who are so funny as funny can be. Some food here is delicious and some other food is okay but not my favorite. I miss my school, my Gramme, and my house. If you are reading this Gramma, I love you and please tell my cousins, that I love them too and I miss them a whole lot. P.S. I love you Gramseo

LDR Amanda B.- Leading this trip to Africa has been a new experienve for me. I am used to going on mission trips where I am the one doing the work. I have had to realize that this trip is not for me. On this trip. I am a vessel being used so the children can work and minister to the orphans. God is giving me a servant’s heart. This past Sunday we attended the Nazarene Church. Our team sang a song called “How Wonderful is Your Name” that we learned from Johane, one of the BMW students. We learned the song in both English and Chichewa. As we were singing, all the Malawians who were in the church service began singing with us. You could feel the spirit of God working in the service. It was so beautiful to hear our team singing along with the Africians as we worshipped God in one voice.

Taylor B. – Dear Mom, Dad, Fear, and Kajo, I miss you guys but am having a fun time at the Units. The work we have been doing is fun but hard. The orphans are great and I can’t wait to see you, Sincerly, Taylor  P.S. I have seen a lot of monkeys.

Jennie – July 22 2009 our last Wednesday in Malawi. Africa is still as beautiful as ever!!! We have the first garden done that is at the first orphanage that we visited, and we’re almost done with the second one at the second orphanage! There we planted seeds, watered them and planted trees!!! It was a lot of fun but I happen to be sick with a 24 hour stomach bug but I feel GREAT now!!! Well the Lord loves us all to provide and I am seeing that more on this trip around the orphans! Love Jenni from Neewport Virginia. P.S. I love you family (mommy, daddy, Memaw, mowmaw, Pawpaw, Aunt Jennie, Uncle Martin, John Hammonds, Westly, Aunt Tina, Uncle Drew, Nathan, Gramp Patty, Grunkle Bryan, Lynnie, Lady,Bouncy, Sugar, Spice, Aunt Joyce, Uncle Stue, Uncle Robbie, Uncle Mark and Aunt Shiela! FRIENDS – Chrissy, Kane Mrs. Rebbecca, Nathan, Mr. Mike, Adina, Brittany, and Mikayla. Love Ya

Danae – Hey mom and dad, I can’t wait to see you!!  I am having a great time here. I miss you and daddy. I love you guys a ton. Love Nae Nae

Abi T. – I am so happy to be in Malawi! So many great things have already happened, I love it here! Abi

Nellie  – Wow! I am so amazed by the things that God has done on this trip! All of us have grown physically and spiritually! We’ve completed the gardens already and we’re working on our 3rd. My favorite part so far might be the sky. in the morning. It is full of clouds and sometimes a purple and orange sunrise. In the afternoons the sky is crystal blue and the clouds are in the scenery everywhere! The night sky is the prettiest! It’s full of millions of stars and on some nights, it’s so clear you can see the Milkey Way and the Southern Cross! Psalm 19:1 says “The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of His hands!” God is amazing in revealing His beauty.

Donna Jean  – Malawi is awesome! It’s a lot colder then I thought it would be. Oh well, we have completed the gardens already-yay! There are a lot of monkeys here! And we put smiles on a lot of orphans faces!

LDR Arlissa  – Prayer Request – for those that are struggling with homesickness.  Praise Report – that we have more children showing up at the Rescue Units each day.   Prayer Request – for endurance as we are all begining to get tired and worn out.   Praise Report – That the ants haven’t eaten us yet!   Prayer Request – health. Praise Report – Our garden house is coming along quickly.

Elena  – Hey ya’ll, So far I’ve seen 24 monkeys. We have fully finished two gardens and are on our third. Everyone is having a great time. I can tell. I hope you are praying for me still. From Elena

Adam Bauman – How’s it going supporters, friends and family? Things for me are going well. Only about one week until my team goes home. After that I will lead the Malawi Fishing team for the last week they are here (Teen Malawi team). Pray for me that I’ll feel the Lord’s presence throughout this year. Pray that I will stay healthy and that God will make a great impact threw me to these orphans.

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