We’ve Crossed The Half-Way Point

Crossing the halfway point of our project time, the team has now worked over 60 hours on their project. Over 620 blocks are in place. Before this week, it seemed almost as many blocks that went up had to come down and be redone because of mistakes. We weren’t seeing as much progress as we hoped. But this week everyone is much more careful to get it done right the first time. They have become efficient in cutting blocks to fit the gaps, setting up their string lines and keeping them in place, getting the right amount of mortar to keep the layers level and laying the blocks straight in line. Daily now we are able to see measurable progress and we are really hoping to meet our goal of reaching the 8th level on three sides by the end of the day Friday. Everything else is going great. One highlight was seeing monkeys for the first time on the property. Lila spotted them in the trees behind the boys’ dorm. Her and Katie watched them for about twenty minutes counting at least six monkeys. By the time the boys came out though, the monkeys were gone. Almost every day, those without SBs who are caught up on their verses get to go to the mini supermarket to buy snacks or little things for their secret prayer partner. Everyone is healthy. Tuesday, I went into Paramaribo to purchase our sightseeing tour tickets to Galibi and the Turtle Reserve. I had been told over the phone on Monday that I had a temporary reserve on August 1-3, but by Tuesday morning when I got there it was sold out, so we had to go with August 2-4. They say the baby turtles are now hatching and making their way out to the ocean. It sounds like quite an adventure as we have to travel the last 1.5 hours by boat as there are no roads past Albina into Galibi. We will also be swimming at the tigerbank and enjoying a cultural dinner during our stay. It has been nice that we haven’t had as much heavy rains lately, but that hasn’t kept the mosquitos away. We started burning mosquito coils during group devotions and many of us have bought our own coils to get us through the night as using bug spray just doesn’t last through the whole night but the coils burn up to 8 hours. That’s about all for now. Thank you so much for all your prayers.


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