Working And Shopping

Sightseeing in ThailandWhere do we start?! Tuesday was a busy day of work. The blocks are going up quickly on the second part of the wall. Wednesday, we worked half a day, then headed to the water park at a local hotel. When we got there, we found out that it was closed for a few days of renovations…which they neglected to tell us. So we decided to go to a few shops and outdoor markets. We have a great time and didn’t get home until after 8 PM. We bought lots of items which are made by the local people as well as some “American” type items! They have lots of silk items as well as things made from straw. We had a good time together and some had KFC for supper and DQ for dessert! We went to a local “Walmart” called Lotus and stocked up on goodies and some necessities (shampoo, etc). We were all wound up but tired by the time we got back to the orphanage. Today (Thurs) we worked on the project then stopped to prepare for our presentation at the school tomorrow. They really want to learn English, so we are dividing into the six classrooms and teaching them each a song (depending on their age), then teaching them the basics, 1-10, days of the week, parts of the body (arm, legs, eyes, etc.). We have 1 hour and 15 minutes in the classrooms then we will get together and each class will sing their some and show what they learned. Then the team will share some songs with them. Saturday, we will work in the morning, then have a few hours to play with the orphan kids, like we do every Saturday. The only difference is that this Saturday, we will be providing an American meal for them. Wonder how they will like spaghetti and garlic bread?! ūüôā There will be about 51 total. We brought some dolls and balls with us and look forward to giving them to the children then. Sunday will be spent here at the orphanage doing a two hour service for them. Then they are providing lunch for us.¬†We can hardly believe that we only have a week left until be go back to Bangkok! We want to get so much done here before we leave. We are also going to put up some playground equipment for the kids to have here and remember us by. Our last week will be busy, but we will share that with you later!¬†Greetings to all the families and people who are praying for us. Thanks.¬†Thailand team

Mom and Dad: As we near the end of our trip, we had an opportunity to take a break from the wall for an afternoon outing. We went to a number of shops including an open market and a night market. We all, especially the girls, thoroughly enjoyed the night market. It was a little lit area, made up of many tents, each containing cute Asian clothes, shoes and jewelry. Not the most obvious authentic souvenirs, but the open market covered that! At the open market, there were shops that sold souvenirs, clothes and household goods around the outside and Thai food and goods were found mainly in the middle. All the live fish shoved in small tanks threw off most of our appetites however! All in all, we definitely enjoyed the change of scenery for an afternoon.   Jasmine

Dad, Mom, James, Sarah and Lisa: I love you all so much! Thailand has been great with the exotic food at the markets and visiting with the people here. We have been able to present the Gospel at public schools which has been awesome. I’ve learned so much about trusting God with every detail of the day! See you all soon! Love and prayers, Joy

Dear Bleam Family: I have been doing super well and God’s been teaching me so much. I hope you are getting my letters! I have found my true calling. Love you guys crazy much. Sarah

Hey Mom and Dad: Thailand rocks! but…mosquitoes don’t…I’ve been bitten so much! The wall is almost done, it’s going really fast! I’ve gotten tons of mail since I have gotten here! Love you guys, Naomi

To those who are praying for me: Thank you! Continued prayer for safety, health, and unity for our team is appreciated. I am having fun befriending the kids and trying to learn Thai. I love Thai food, language, writing and culture, but am looking forward to home. I miss you all but am praying for you. God is working in my life. I love you all, April.

Hey mom, dad, becky, Tyler and friends! Just wanted to give you a heads up on Thailand! Everything here has been going awesome. Our wall is going up super quick and we should finisht it up by next week if we keep up our hard work. We have done songs, puppets, balloons, and skits in front of the orphans the past two Saturdays and they had such a fun time especially when the balloons came out. We have had such a blast playing with them. Tomorrow we go to a school and yesterday we were able to do some souvenir shopping. That was a lot of fun. As for the team, we are coming together really well. We are making awesome friendships and are having a fun time hanging out and joking around. I love our team! As for me, with the time spent here, I’ve learned that I take so much what I have at home for granted and have learned to be thankful for what I have especially being able to have parents, siblings and friends. I feel as though I am growing a little more with God. I really hope to keep my relationship growing when I return home and to keep up with devos and spending more time in God’s Word. God has been good to me here. Kim


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