Working On The Fence

We have been focused on working a bit harder this week because we will be gone on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The team has nearly cleared out the fence line and it is a site to see. They have really impressed me with the quality of work they have done on that fence line. It has reminded me of our memory verse in Nehemiah 4:6, “so build we the wall and all the wall was joined unto the hath thereof for the people had a mind to work.” Although we are not building a wall, the team, just like the Israelites, have worked hard and have set there mind on doing good work. We have painted the walls of the house with two coats and have begun painting the window frames. The Lord has given us a break in the weather after five days of consistent rain. It has been windy and sunny which is perfect painting weather. However we need your prayers. This weekend is our trip to Beqa (bang- ga) to do some outreach to the people on the island. If the wind continues, we might not be able to go because the ocean will be too rough. So pray for the wind to at least die down for a few hours. The next update will be late due to the fact that I dont know the email situation on the island. so I plan on sending out an update on Monday. Everyone is healthy and in good spirits. The next update should be a long one.


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