KitchenThe theme for the Germany Preteens seems to be rain! It has rained most every day that we’ve been here. In spite of the rain, we are getting a lot done. Each morning this week, we were invited to join the morning program for the preteen-aged kids at Tent Town. We start with a time of singing and worship, see another installment in the life of Paul Gerhardt and then usually go to work. Singing the German praise songs has been fun. The kids especially like the one that says “God is stronger than Superman.” We’ve had several different people translate for us so we will know what is going on in the Paul Gerhardt skits. Paul Gerhardt lived in the 1600’s and was a pastor who wrote many poems and songs. His was not an easy life, but he persevered. We, too, need to persevere. The former bee wagon is now turning into the mobile chicken house. The framework has been painted and siding is being put on. The siding work on the containers that will be used as a kitchen for Tent Town continues. Today (Friday) the team is helping to take down parts of Tent Town. The tent that is used as a gathering place for teens (where they can buy drinks that are made from fruit juices that are made from Siloah fruit) is now empty of the furniture that our team moved there last week. The staff who work there in the evenings blessed us with a taste of their wares after one of our presentations a few days ago. The fruit juice combinations were enjoyed by all. Harvest Camp is next on the calendar for Siloah. Beginning today, people from eastern European countries are coming in to help with the harvest of Siloah’s fruit trees. They are expecting around 90 people. We got to set up three big tents for some of them to sleep in, as well as clear the field of presents that the horses left behind! We did three presentations with puppets and singing over the last week to different age groups. The big hit continues to be “I will call upon the Lord” with the clapping. When the team did the “15 minute” presentation for kids their own age, it lasted 1 1/2 hours. Those of us up in the kitchen waiting to serve lunch were beginning to wonder if something had gone wrong- the kids are generally not that late for a meal. Please pray for sunshine! We would like to dry out some!! And thank you for your prayers. And now a word from a few of our kids:

Hey people of America! We have worked on setting up tents for Tent Town. When we set up the kitchen tent, I accidentally broke the tent. That was funny. We also worked on destroying a camper. It was fun!!  Michael (written last week)

One thing I’ve enjoyed doing was going to Wartburg Castle. It was so cool seeing all the sights. The history lesson we got was amazing. I thought seeing all the cool rooms was neat. There were so many cool parts of the rooms. Another fun thing was working on a volleyball court. We weeded it out because it had a lot of grass. We also poured a cement foundation for the posts. Well, this has been a fun experience so far!   Evan

Hey, it’s CeCe, It’s been fun, apart from the work a few days ago. We cleared a field of presents that the horses left behind and then raked the field. I’m having a lot of fun with the friends I’ve made and the German friends I’ve made, but I can’t wait until Debrief. I’m counting down the days till then. We are going shopping tomorrow- I’m planning on shopping til I drop! P.S. Mother, if you read this, send American money for Debrief!!


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