In Ecuador, I have had some fun times along with other times if growth. I feel closer to God through the daily devotions in the morning. He has showed me things I really need to work on- like not being distracted by the world’s desires but focusing on Christ. I shared in devotions tonight from Hebrews 12. We are like runners in a race, headed for the finish line. It says to throw off the sin that can distract us from our real purpose, fixing our eyes on Jesus. When I start to get distracted, I read His word, which comforts me and shows me the way back to Him. I always find that God shows me things I remember for the rest of my life through Teen Missions’ trips. Bekah S.

I can’t believe our time here is almost over! It has been such an incredible experience here! I would have to say that my favorite part has been that several mornings we have been able to go on amazing nature hikes down by the river on the property. There are quite a few small water falls along the river and one big one. It is so inspiring to see all the amazing things God has created. The only hard part of the hikes is trying to climb strait up the mountain to make it back in time for breakfast. The altitude has definitely taken its toll on us during those hikes and trying to get around the base.  The view of the mountains from here is really amazing. I find it very neat to be able to get up every morning and see all the mountains around. I have definitely enjoyed our time here and I have loved growing so close to all my wonderful team members and my awesome leaders. It is such a bittersweet feeling. I do really miss my family and friends, but I know it will be very hard to leave all the amazing friends I have made this summer. Above all, I thank God for giving me this amazing experience and everybody else who has helped me get here this summer. Amber F.


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  1. Hello My name is Talitha,
    In 2003 I was 10 years of age. I am a canadian. I flew from detroit to bootcamp. I did end up being a day late arriving. I was not use to this whole “oc” and having to do things like that. At one point I just wanted to go home, and then god led me in the right direction and I just went for it. I met so many amazing people on this trip. It was all worth it in the end.

    After being in orlando the team mates and I were off to Ecuador. The view was amazing and breath taking. I have soo many memories from being there. The team mates and I worked everyday, hiking up the moutains, digging ditches, planting trees and just doing gods work there. We also went up town and gave the Ecuadorians some coin with a verse on it so that they will always remember that “jesus loves everybody”. There was a lot of times were I would just cry because I didn’t want to be there, it was a long time away from my mom. I had to eat green beans which now I haven’t touched them since I was 10 after being in Ecuador. I also spent my 11th birthday there, which was exciting. The team members were easy to talk to. I would love to go there again. There is so many things to talk about.

    Anyways, I read your testimony and felt a need to do a bit of mine, because I haven’t really told anyone about mine.

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