A Report From The Bush

DiggingWork is continuing on the septic system. The team digs every day and the water fills the holes back up. It is very muddy work. The rain has not been as bad this week, though it is still around so the ground is still wet and muddy. We have had several opportunities to do presentations this week. Wednesday evening, we held a presentation at the beginning of the property and had about 70 people came. Some stood on the road and watched. A school teacher came a day later and asked us to present the same presentation at his school on Saturday afternoon which we will be doing. They also did a presentation this morning at a youth conference where a missionary speaker “Abraham Mitchell” from Singapore spoke a very good message. The Chief of Nabire is a Christian and is quite taken with our team, especially Emily (the one year old). He tried to get us to move from the project to his guest house, offering transportation and housing so we could keep working but not live like poor people. We declined so he is now helping the BMW by putting a wood floor down in the pole barn so we are not in the mud and also redoing the road in. There is talk of him paying for contractors to finish building the BMW. We hope to go to his “House” (Palace!) this week to swim and have a meal. Most of the kids are well, just a few sniffles and the like. Just one more week here in Nabire and then we head to Ambon for five days. We are thankful for the relationships that are being built with having the team here. Westerners are a big deal and it seems we are a tourist attraction wherever we go.

Testimony from Dylan: It’s been really busy the last few weeks and God has been working through our whole team. A few nights ago we had the chance to minister to some of the local kids with a puppet show and songs which was fun. I can honestly say it will be sad when it is time to go. Many of us have already made friends with the staff here and the people at the church we have attended. I hope that we finish what we came here to do and that the Boot Camp that is to be held here later willbe a big success.

Thats all for now,

Papua Team.


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