Teaching English

Teaching EnglishWe had a great time doing English at the school on Friday. We divided the team into six groups for six grades so there was three in each classroom. They already knew some English, but we taught them ABCs, parts of the body, colors, and a few songs. We were able to use God is so Good and Deep and Wide. Then they got together after about an hour and each grade presented the song they learned! In the one classroom where they did God is so Good, one of the girls actually substituted buddha for God. It was sad to hear. We are praying that the seeds that were planted would grow in their hearts and they would take it home to their families. Today, we had the orphanage kids and the team together for supper. It was fun to eat together and play. Then we gave girls little dolls and the boys received balls. We had spaghetti, garlic bread, green beans and watermelon. They definitely didn’t want the green beans, but liked the spaghetti, bread and watermelon. We have been having a good time getting to know more about each other during our evening devotions. We have so many things we are praying for for each other. We look forward to having church with the children tomorrow here at the orphanage. We are doing the whole service. Then they will provide a meal for us for lunch. We know people are praying as we have been very healthy and doing well.


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