The Russian Boot Camp Is Coming To An End

Well, Boot Camp for the Russians is coming to an end. They commission tomorrow night (Friday). The Soldiers of Christ Team will travel to another city on Saturday to do their evangelism project. The Brick Team will stay here at the base with us to help do work projects on the buildings and around the base. They, too, will have some opportunities to do evangelism in the surrounding towns. The American team is continuing work on the buildings. They have placed insulation and boards on the front side of the main building. And are now working on insulating the floors and ceiling of the upstairs of the building which is the classroom and dorm room. They are putting down black tar paper and then placing OSB board on top of the paper in order to keep the winter winds from blowing in. The temperature here in the winter can get down 35 below 0, so it is vitally important that the house be ready for winter when it comes. This room will also be our American kitchen for the next few weeks. We are very excited for Miss Gay to begin cooking. The Russian soups and salads that we have been eating during the Boot Camp have been delicious, but we are ready to eat some of the foods that we are use to eating. The weather here now has been perfect. It has been cool at night and sunny and warm during the day with a cool breeze. One night this week it did get down to around 48 degrees, but then again was in the low 70’s during the day. The Lord has really blessed us with beautiful days. We appreciate your prayers as we continue to serve the Lord here in Krasnaya Niva.Erin with one of the Russian team members and the Siberia team on their trip to church last Sunday


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