Back At TMI Base

Brazil Clown EvangelismThe team has arrived back at the TMI base after almost a week down south visiting the tribe. God is good all the time. We praise Him for travel mercies as we returned on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday, we left the tribe after bidding farewell to the believers. We travelled only about four hours before stopping for lunch that the Lord had provided for us. You see we had “by chance” met a pastor in this town on the way through to the tribe, and he was so hospitible that we thought we would stay the night and bless the church with a presentation. Well, they blessed us so much more with their love and kindness. They provided a lunch and accomodation and wanted us to stay for a week! We left on Thursday morning bright and early, wanting to get to the base before dark. However, we got a flat tire along the way and then one delay after the other sawe us pulling in to the base at 10pm. But in all things we could see the hand of God upon us. Thank you for your prayers. Friday we had half the team visit a drug rehab center and had some fellowship with the people there and gave an informal presentation to encourage them. The pastor pulled out some BBQ potato chips… and I think our guys were even greater encouraged. Today we ran a children’s program in a very needy part of Sao Miguel and the former bar, now church, was full of kids. Maria gave testimony, Juanita did a balloon story and Evie used the magic bag (a way of presenting the gospel)… but the guys all got involved with dramas and songs as well. This afternoon we went for a jungle walk through the property and everyone had lots of fun getting muddy and witnessing the beautiful scenery of our rainforest here. Codey wound up sitting in the mud and James tried climbing an Acai tree but broke it and ended up on the ground… but no injuries, just lots of fun stories to tell after. Tomorrow we will participate with the BMW students in one of their local outreaches and then in the evening we will attend a church in town. On Monday we head down the Guama River on the TMI boat to a small community called Boa Vista for a few days ministering to the folks there. We will return on Thursday and then start getting ready to head to Belem for our final days before returning to Florida.

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