Eight More Days Left Of Work

The team will be cementing sidewalks tomorrow as they have been formed up and have had the steel mesh set in place. Meanwhile the team will also keep drywalling the upstairs classroom and painting walls and ceilings. They’ll also be continuing to spread dirt in preparation for sod. There is plenty of work to be done so we’ll be busy right to the end of our trip. We only have eight working days left of our time here so things are coming to an end. On Saturday morning the team went to the Eumundi markets and had a morning of shopping for boomerangs, didgeridoos, Aussie hats and snowy river jackets. We worked Saturday afternoon finishing off the sidewalk formwork preparation for Monday. On Sunday morning we went to the Salvation Army church. We did our McJesus Drama with Brayden, Cole, Lewis, AJ and Zach. Jordan and Anna also had an opportunity to share their testimonies in the service. They invited us back for the Youth Service tonight and asked for a repeat of the drama as it fitted in with the sermon – the idea that we often want the Jesus that suits our lifestyle rather than the Jesus “who is”. This afternoon I took the team around the Aussie OC and a few had a go going over the slough which they found fun. We are planning to go to a school on Wednesday for our last school presentation – two half hour sessions. The School interaction has been a great ministry highlight with the team. The Australia Zoo trip is also planned for this Thursday. We had about two minutes of rain the other day, otherwise, just blue skies and cool in the evenings and mornings – lows of about 9-10 C and highs of about 20 C.

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