It’s Raining Again

Outdoor GamesTeam greetings from rainy Northern Ireland. We have experienced rain at some point in the day every day this week. The peculiar thing is that it can literally start raining even with the sun shining!! The team finished the week of Kid’s Club well. Thursday’s theme was based upon Jonah and the whale with the crafters making whale faces out of various craft supplies, games included various tag games, minnows & sharks, etc., and snack was jello with gummi babies inside. Friday was a great day of excitement being the last day. The story was Peter walking on the water to Jesus. The kids sat in a ‘boat’ during the story time while for crafts they had a 3D page that enabled them to have Peter ‘walk’ on water. Games were once again based on the much-loved idea of tag, duck duck goose, and relay races. Snack was centered around the wordless bracelet theme. Each child received a wordless bracelet, an explanation of the colors depicting the gospel, and a colorful snack (black – chocolate chips, white – marshmallows, red – licorice sticks, green – grapes, and yellow – juice). The team was excited that the number of kids in attendance increased as the week progressed. While the Kid’s Club started with 25, it ended with 36. Both the kids and the team had a great time working together. While many of the team members were working on their Irish accent and terminology, many of the Irish kids were trying to pick up on our North American accents and words. One mother said she had to correct her son when he asked to throw his garbage in the trash can. It is a rubbish bin… We also had the kids calling the crisps (potato chips) as chips, their jelly (jello) as jello, and their biscuits as cookies. We have begun renovations on the Youth Center. Although we have had to shut down activities with the youth for awhile, we are excited to unveil the construction we have been working on with the local youth in the center on Monday evening. Several of the team members painted the Youth Fringe logo on one of the walls while others painted a basic white section on another wall for a ‘graffiti wall’.  The team was also able to move the store area into a locked closet. They are still working on installing a flip-top counter for the doorway so the store can be run out of the storeroom. The team has also finished cutting & hammering together the wooden foundation for a stage. We look forward to completing the stage on Monday by putting the remaining plywood on the top, organizing the store area, and completing the countertop. The team has a strong work ethic and desire to complete the renovations so we can continue reaching the local youth with the gospel message through friendship, games, skits, and testimonies. We also hope to include some cooking, craft times, outdoor sports, and ballooning with them this week as well. We encourage them to come to the Youth Center while it is open and talk with us then. We have never felt unsafe, just sometimes a bit of an attraction!! Saturday was the neighborhood outreach called Family Fun Day. We had a great turnout of people from the area. We are unsure of the actual number but we served over 80 burgers and over 70 sausages (hot dogs). The Youth Center rented several blow up toys: a bouncy castle, slide, and gladiator battle square.  They were the hit of the day. The kids also enjoyed playing football (soccer) and a water balloon toss. Several of the team members (Luis, Caleigh, Alaina, Andrea, & Livy) manned a face painting table while the rest of the team help control the kids on the bouncy toys, and pass out the food. Although we were all exhausted at the end of the day, we concluded that it had been a success. Everyone is healthy and looking forward to opening the Youth Center this week and visiting the Giant’s Causeway on Thursday.

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