The Work Is Going Well

Building the WallThe team has been having a wonderful time at Mendies Haven, and we find it hard to believe that we will leave Nepal in just two weeks! Our work project is going well; we finished removing the window in the guys’ bathroom and bricked up and plastered the hole. We are working on plastering the wall we built, and are hoping to paint it. However, since it is monsoon season, the plaster takes a long time to dry. The septic tank was fixed and buried again. Yesterday after church, the team and six of the older kids from the Haven went to Thamel Market again to make any final purchases. Most of the team came back loaded with pashmina shawls and scarves, knives, wooden carvings, jewelry, chess sets, and many other interesting buys. We had planned to leave for Chitwan National Park today, but were informed yesterday that the park staff as well as transportation workers went on strike! Since the park is closed, we are looking for other sightseeing options. An update from Melody: “I am having the adventure of a lifetime here in Nepal this summer!  All the kids at Mendies Haven are amazing and so much fun. They’re all so happy and vibrant and full of life. I already love all of them like they’re my own brothers and sisters.   have gotten especially close to some of the older kids. God has particularly blessed me in my friendship with Shanti, who is thirteen. She was kind of shy when I first got here, but she opened up more as time went on and now we talk all the time about almost everthing. She has a very sweet and has a caring personality. We love to go up to the roof and talk with the beautiful mountains surrounding us. She loves to show me what she has in her journal: poetry, songs, movie stars cut out of newspapers, and other things. I love spending time with her! She is one of the main highlights of my day. I am so happy and content here I don’t even want to think about leaving! I know someday I want to come back and visit, and maybe even live, in Nepal.

6. The weather is the same–sometimes rainy, temperatures in the 80s during the day, 70s and 60s at night.


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