It Is Now Sunny!

Hard at WorkGreetings from sunny Germany! We are enjoying sunny weather at last. Right now the kids are taking advantage of it and doing laundry- we leave Germany in a few days and travel clothes must be washed. The kids are still working on the mobile chicken house (formerly a bee wagon). They have begun taking the plaster off a brick wall in a storeroom- a messy job at times. It looks like some of them rolled in the plaster. We were able to help Siloah staff take apart some of Tent Town, which they appreciated. Last Saturday we took the train to Erfurt and were shown around by David and Lars, two guys who have been working with the team. We went into some old churches and an old synagogue. We got to go up in the bell tower of one of the churches where we had a wonderful view of the city. We also saw an old mill (the water wheel is now enclosed in a building) and one of the fords that was used in medival times as well as a bridge with houses on it. We not only walked over the narrow roadway of the bridge, but also went shopping in some of the stores on the bridge. We saw the huge cathedral, but by the time we got there, the kids had had their fill of sightseeing and were eager to shop! We split into groups and did just that. It was amazing how many times the groups ran into each other while were shopping. On Sunday we attended a worship service at Siloah with some of the people who have arrived to help with the harvest- cherries, pears, plums and apples. The service was done in German and translated into English, Polish and Korean. Besides Jesus, we had several songs in common. It was truly an international service. We got to do a song for everyone- “I will call upon the Lord”. Everyone seems to enjoy the clapping and motions that go along with it. Just another day or so of work and we will begin packing up for our trip back to the States and Debrief. And now for a word from a few of our kids:

Each of my leaders this summer were distinctly different. I can tell that every time they open their Bibles they learn something new. Most of the leaders like to talk about what they learn in their Bibles during devo’s. All of our leaders are good Christian influences.   Christos McDowell

Germany is sooo pretty! I love the scenery and the people. It is very nice here, but I do want to go home soon. This is an experience I had here in Germany: I got tonsillitis! (I have no clue how to spell it) I had to go to a German doctor and everything! It was an interesting experience. (Esther is doing much better since she got medicine from the doctor visit.)Also, on one Satruday we went sightseeing at a town called Erfurt and got a ton of shopping done. (I bought tons of chocolate!) Well, Mom & Dad & Cody & Emily: I miss you! Can’t wait to be home. Well, this is my experience.   Esther Putman

Auf Wiedersehn!


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