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Greetings from Uganda. This has been a busy week of work on the classrooms. Because it is so large – 100’x 22’- it seems to be going up slowly, but in reality, several courses of bricks are laid each day. The team is excited about the progress even though the work is hard and the days hot. Carrying water from the spring about a quarter of a mile away is building muscles as well. The local clay bricks are different from the ones they were trained with at Boot camp but they are doing a great job and laying straight walls. In addition to that, they have a tremendous attitude. If someone gets tired or discouraged, the others help them and speak positive encouragement to each other. They see the students crowded into the existing classrooms and desire to get this new building completed. Sports evangelism on Friday and Saturday took place at Nkuutu Memorial Secondary School. Several hundred students participated on Friday and enjoyed the games very much. After our team did a presentation of songs, drama and testimonies, many students came to counsel with them and ask for prayer for many, many needs plus concerns in their lives. About 20 prayed to receive Christ for the first time. Saturday was cloudy and cool for the second day of evangelism at Nkuutu Memorial. This made playing games more comfortable. The team enjoyed renewing friendship made the day before and were able to get into more significant conversations. At lunch time, our missionary, Peter Nkuutu, took the team to his family home in that village, his mother and his brother provided chicken on a stick, chapattis, plus sodas for everyone. That was a surprise and the team was so polite and appreciative that we were very proud of them. They are growing in spiritual maturity daily which affects everyone of their lives. Around 25 gave their lives to Christ on Saturday. GG classes [for girls only and boys only] are a special time of getting down to basics that affect our lives and allows for more open discussion when there is only one gender. A few team members asked to lead Bible Studies and give their testimonies for the school’s Bible Club (Scripture Union). The students love to hear from their American peers. The team is enjoying the good food at each meal. We have fresh vegetables plus mangoes, watermelon, bananas, pineapple and even freshmeat. A pastor who came to visit a team member (Christian) gave us money to buy chicken. We bought four roosters and barbecued three plus used the third for teriaki stir fry. KPs usually enjoy making deserts and helping prepare meals. Sunday Morning the team went to Waibale church which is pastored by a former UBMW student. They presented songs plus drama as well as testimonies. Josh preached on the dangers on being lukewarm. We all miss our loved ones at home and are praying for each of you every day. Thank you for praying for us. God is answering those prayers! P.S.  One team member stated “that cookie made me not want to brush my teeth again.”


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