Swimming And AC

The Papua team got to experience some real culture today. We were invited to the Chief’s house to swim and have lunch. The house was amazing and we got to experience AC for the first time in weeks. We were all freezing. The pool was nice, but small. The team enjoyed getting all the grease and weeks of dirt off of their skin! The Chief is paying to put a wood stage floor in the pole barn at the TMI Papua base. It is suppose to be half finished today and we will move tents around so they can finish the other half. The Chief is also paying for the workers to work on the BMW building. This is a huge answer to prayer for the staff here. It would seem that having the American team here has awakened some of hte more prominent people here and they are all wanting to help. We are hoping the help continues when we leave. Sunday, we were able to share in a local church and were recieved very warmly, even if it is obvious that we are not a choir team!!! The team was amused at the cat and dog that also spent some time wandering through the service. We haven’t had a lot of rain the last few days which has been nice. The holes for the septic system are coming along well and some of the team has started to dig holes for BC toilets. Septic area #1 is tbricked up and plastered and they started pouring concrete slabs to cover it with. Weather is nice, but hot. We plan on going to the local markets on Friday afternoon to do some shopping and then that evening we will be doing a presenation at a local children’s home. Saturday is clean up and pack up and then Sunday morning we leave for Ambon. We have a presentation at church on Sunday night in Ambon.


Ever since I came to Papua, I have asked myself why did God want me to come to this very remote place? Lately God has been showing me the very poor conditions and how big the need is for the people living here to hear about Jesus. Even though the conditions in whcih we live here are not very comfortable and sometimes I wish I could be at home, I have realized that our time here in Papua is very short and that I should make the most out of everything I do and to hold on to God in everything I do. -Pablo


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