The End Is In Sight

Switzerland SightseeingGuten Morgen from the foothills of the Alps! Today the team marched out refreshed and ready to work after a splendid breakfast of streussel-filled coffee cake, juicy apples, cereal, and hot tea. At this present moment, they are filling their paint cans with “vorstreichen”, or the second layer of white paint. Last week, the team finished painting the entire first coat and proceeded with the application of the second. The goal is to finish the second layer within the next day or so, so that the final and most time-consuming layer can be completed by the end of the present week. After the final layer is applied, there will be final touch-ups and cleaning needed. Yesterday, the team visited the Christian Life Center in Spiez for the second week in a row. It has been a blessing to be with the body of Christ, even if there are slight language barriers! (Still, we were thankful for three church members who volunteered to sit with us and translate the sermon!) The Swiss worship songs are very similar to the ones we hear back in our own home churches, and we enjoy them very much. Planned for this week is a little bit of recreation as well as work. We will be taking a bus ride to the beautiful city of Luzern, with a pit-stop at an ice cave on the way there. The shopping possiblities are endless with the many stores marketing Swiss music boxes, knives, watches, wood-carvings, cookoo clocks, and lace tablecloths. . . and of course, the never-ending supply of delicious Swiss chocolate! It will be a day of well-deserved fun and enjoyment for everyone. It has been wonderful to see the spiritual growth among the team members. Everyday we see each one maturing in their walk with the Lord and in their love for one another. God has truly blessed us with an amazing group of young believers! Continue to pray for more opportunities for them to minister here in this spiritually needy land.


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