Word From FW Team

I did receive a phone call from Mat (the leader) today. They have been faithful in sending the emails or at least trying to. He has made a few long trips back to the base to send the emails and sometimes the email was not working. However, some were sent, and even resent this morning and we have not received them. We are not sure what the problem is, butwe know that there are concerned parents out there and we wanted to let you know what was happening. They have been at the House of Peace Rescue Unit since Thursday. They have given out over 100 shoes to the orphans and have seen over 273 decisions for Christ just this week. Every single orphan that they have come into contact with has received shoes from this team. They were able to minister at an high school graduation with over 600 in attendance. They presented the gospel and the audience was very attentive. There were at least 100 that accepted Christ there. They were able to do open-air evangelism in a village that had previously split due to some controversy. Both chiefs accepted Christ! When the team did the puppet “laughing song”, the villagers were literally rolling on the ground laughing. All in all, everyone if pretty healthy. They have seen approximately 350 decisions for Christ so far this summer.


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