Christmas In July

Covered Wagon Christmas in JulyThe weekend was a blast! We had fun working and going to church and we also had a fun time with our Christmas in July celebration. Friday was Christmas Eve, so we sent the team off to the beach after work and let them have their evening devotions and stuff out there. Lindsay and I stayed back and decorated our dining room with lights, trees, streamers and table runners and placemats. It was such a blast to put this all together.

When the team got back, we had an ice-cream party and then the Smiley Face team exchanged gifts. Our team waited until the morning. So Christmas morning, the kids woke up to a stocking full of goodies, a present under the tree and also an amazing breakfast catered by the Smiley Wagon Café. They had green or red pancakes, sausage, eggs, fresh sliced apples and Orange Juice. Yum Yum! After breakfast, the team went straight to work to make up for the lost day on Wednesday (when we went to the KSC).

Sunday was fun because we got to wake up a bit later and get ready for church. This week we went to a small church right down the road called Orsino Baptist. The preacher talked about issues that kids these days deal with and it was a big impact to some of the kids life. Monday was back to work again and they are finishing all the wagons up. They have them all just about done and hope to have them moved out to the lake. By the end of the summer we hope to have them all moved out there so the team will have a chance to sleep in them and have a bit of a western camp-out.

Pray the team pushes hard so they can get a chance to look back on a job well done. Pray for their continued growth in the Lord. They have come a long way and please pray they will have a smooth transition back into their lives back home. Some of the team is afraid to go home because they know the work God has done in their life and they want to be able to stay strong in the Lord. Pray the temptation to fall back into old habits or friendships falls away and God brings new and encouraging paths for them to walk down.


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