Helping Make Batik Pictures

Batik PaintingGreetings from Thailand! I hope I can stay awake to type this report. We have had such a busy day. Today was our sightseeing day out. We started out at 8:30 this morning and didn’t return until 8 PM! We took a two hour drive to Pha Taem National Park and saw some ancient rock painting and hiked about two miles through the beautiful rain forest. Then had lunch there and drove to the waterfall. We had so much fun jumping into the deep pools of water and sitting under the waterfall, though it was very powerful. We took lots of pictures to bring back home. We stopped off at a market and bought some handmade items from the area. It was a lot of fun. Yesterday some of us were able to help make Batik pictures for the orphange to sell. It is painting done on silk and is very beautiful. Most of the team members are going to buy their own! They have some very talented staff here who draw the pictures and everything. This helps raise funds for the orphanage. The rest of the team will do a picture tomorrow, while the others finish cleaning up and doing other small jobs for the orphange. THE WALL IS COMPLETE and we will be getting at team picture at the wall in the next few days. We also look forward to visiting some of the local houses the next few days to share our Thai tracts with them. Pray for us as we start packing up. We are going to miss the orphanage and staff here. There have been many lasting friendships made and we know better how to pray for them. Until next time…

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