The Warmer Weather Has Arrived!

Russia PropertyThe warmer weather has arrived! The sun is shining on what looks like a little ant farm. We have American and Russian teens working on almost every part of the property. Some of the Russian teens are working on insulating a wall of the banya building (the Russian bathhouse), some are chopping fire wood, some are working on the culvert in the front of the house (we are planning to put a driveway in soon) and still others are putting insulation in two more rooms in the main building. Those rooms are actually small rooms which we hope to turn in to guest rooms for any visitors who might want to come stay at the camp. The American team is working on insulating one side of the main building today. Our American kitchen is set up upstairs and we are all enjoying actually sitting at a table to eat together  like a large family. The team has feasted on Sloppy Joes, Chicken Enchilada Casserole, scalloped potatoes, cole slaw, brownies, and Eclair Cake….not all at once of course. But, it is a nice change from having Russian soup, bread and hot tea for every meal. The team visited a church on Sunday morning in Shadrinsk where the girls (even Faith, the staff leaders’ 4 year-old daughter) had to wear head coverings. Babushka Katya let the girls borrow some of her scarves. Everyone on the bus was entertained as the girls tried desperately to get their silky scarves to stay on their heads. Let’s just say it would have been a good video, if we could have filmed it. We arrived at a very full church where all the young children sat on the front two pews and were very well behaved. There was an elderly man playing what we would call the accordion while the choir sang many special numbers. The music was beautiful and made us think back to what it may possibly have sounded like decades ago when there were underground churches. Between the many songs that were sung, we had at least four different people share from God’s Word. The American team was also able to do a short presentation by sharing a few songs between Erin and Kerry sharing their testimonies. After the two-hour service, the pastor and his wife invited us to stay for chai (tea). Well, were we surprised when we walked into a small room with two long tables and food galore. It wasn’t only hot tea. We had chicken noodle soup, bread, plates of sliced cheese and sandwich meat, plates of sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, plates of delicious cookies, and plates of sliced oranges and apples. And of course, we were served hot tea and/or mineral water. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and food and almost an hour and a half later, we were all full and ready to walk in to town. We then walked to the green market in order to purchase some fresh fruit and veggies for our team. The rest of the day was spent doing our memory verse reviews, quizzing, and doing library reading time. We ended our fun day by doing evening devotions with the Russian team. We sang songs, ate popcorn, and shared praises to the Lord. We definitely felt blessed on our day of rest.  Thank you Lord for making Sundays.


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