Beqa Island

The weekend trip to Beqa Island was an eye-opening experience for me as well as the rest of the team. In preparation for a presentation in a village nearby, I was chosen to share a simple Bible story with the children. I flipped through my Bible and decided to share 1 Samuel 17, the story of David and Goliath. God was already working when we arrived by boat at the village. The kids, as well as adults, had smiles from ear-to-ear and they were ready to have some fun with the “foreigners”. A few puppet songs and dramas later, I was standing alone in front of 50+ Fijians. Trying not to show my nervousness, I prayed and began the story. God completely spoke through me, and the kids had a blast. They especially enjoyed my reenactment of Goliath. My heart was filled with joy as I saw their faces. That evening, I reflected the afternoon fun I had, and it came to me that God was telling me something. I believe that God has called me to be a teacher to the young, and so now I am looking forward to coming home and answering his call.- Rachel W.

The trip to Beqa Island this last weekend was incredible! First off, the island was absolutely beautiful; it was a picturesque tropical paradise. Seeing beauty like that really reminds me of how creative and fun God really is. If His creation is so beautiful, just imagine what He must look like! But what really impacted me on this trip was the evangelizing we did. There’s nothing quite like making a little baby smile and then telling them about Jesus. Yeah, at Boot camp I didn’t love puppet class and learning how to do the choreography and all, but I loved doing it for the kids! I know I looked absolutely ridiculous while dancing up there, but I got to share God’s love with little Fijian kids, and it was totally worth it! God taught me that He can use me in any circumstance, even when I’m out of my element. And He is faithful to speak through me when I am willing to do something out of my comfort zone. I’m really thankful for this trip, and encouraged by what God has taught me.-Keely

This weekend trip to Beqa Island was a time to get a small taste of island culture. God blessed us with an experience that I don’t think the team will ever forget. I also was blessed with the opportunity to see the team really grow and shine in ways that was a far reach from their comfort zone, from excitement in puppet shows to total focus and emotion in drama skits. I have to admit that the team has not been the best performers when it comes to evangelism opportunities. Our culture has sucked our youth into a shell and it take some prying to get them out. You could see the hesitation to completely give 100 % effort when performing. However, when they break out of that shell, you get the blessing of seeing change. You see their hearts open up and understand that the dramas and puppets have deep meaning. That the kids and adults that are watching are very interested in what they are doing and appreciate it a great deal. God is good and we leaders are being blessed with seeing the team grow.

Our trip to Beqa started out in Friday afternoon. We had been worried about the weather conditions and praying that God would grant us a safe calm passage. On Thursday morning, we saw a shift and the heavens opened up up for us and the Lord brought us the sun. It was still a bit windy but it was safe enough to travel. It however make travel a bit interesting. The team had a blast boating over the big swells and like a young child pointing out every truck on a road trip, some of the team members would point out every big swell coming our way. I rode up in the front with Lisa and we had a great time getting soaked and laughing the whole way to Beqa because she was the young child pointing out the trucks coming our way. When we got closer to the shore, the waves died down and the kids were able to take out their cameras and take picture of the amazing coastal views. The sun was setting and the beauty of the Lord was seen in small bits through His creation.

When we arrived to the village myself and three other team members went to a formal welcoming and acceptance of our arrival. The ceremony was called a Sevu Sevu. The idea behind it was that the village elders and the chief had to formally welcome us and decide if they would allow us to stay and do presentations in their village. There was rhythmic clapping and prayer and the traditional presentation of a gift from us to them. We brought them a plant that when mixed with water and rung out makes a drink that is passed around to everyone to share. I represented the team and accepted the drink which was basically root juice.  After that we were welcomed to stay and allowed to make ourselves at home.

The next day the team rose early and went snorkeling before lunch. We saw all kinds of aquatic life including three white tip sharks. We had a blast seeing what God has created on the other side of the water. After that we rode over to the next village and did the same ceremony with them, asking them if we may do a presentation in their village. We were welcomed and asked to come back after lunch. When we arrived back to the village, the team stepped out of their shells and did the best presentation I have seen this summer. They were focused and had an amazing time sharing with the kids through puppets and dramas. They represented the Lord well and shared the gospel in a fashion that reached both young and old. We gave coloring books to the youth and wordless books to the parents. After the presentation, we played all kinds of games with the kids and enjoyed the rest of our time there making friends and taking pictures.

I don’t want to overload you with too much and time is very precious here in Fiji. I will present the other half of the update tomorrow as well as two other testimonies. God bless you all and keep us in your prayers. Here is what the Lord is doing in 2 of the lives here in Fiji


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