Getting Ready To Leave

Ecuador Boot Camp KidsIt was really warm yesterday but seriously cold and windy today! The Ecuador Boot Camp officially started yesterday!  There are 107 kids participating in three projects around Ecuador! What a miracle considering last year they ran Boot Camp for just nine kids! It had been an awesome experience to see the base just come to life right before our eyes. All of our work is done and 107 kids are benefiting from the fruits of out labor (and many more to come)! Saturday, we experienced the town of Banos. There we toured a zoo, visited a hot spring at the bottom of a waterfall, and shopped! We handed out a ton of evengi-coins and tracts! One lady even asked for more of the coins to give out herself!!!!! On Monday some were able to see some of Latacunga. A few kids with fewer than 3 SBs we able to go along and do additional shopping. It was a true blessing as we ran into a shop keeper who owned a store we shopped at in Pujili just a week ago. He was excited to see us again and when we started to discuss Teen Mission, we discovered he was our ¨brother in Christ¨¨ (His words).  He told us that he too is a missionar y in Ecuador! It is a true blessing to establish a positive connection between Teen Missions and the community! Since we were away on Saturday- we celebrated Christmas in July on Sunday. Ms. Beth and Ms. Jen cooked realy Christams dinner compelte with turkey, homemade stuffing, apple pie, real mashed potatoes, and veggies. It was a long day of cooking and cleaning but it was all worth it in the end!  The kids were really excited. Also, Amber, Christa, and Taylor did extra KP duties to help out Jessie and Daniel with the extra work load! We cooked from 6am to 6pm!!! WOW! After dinner, we exchanged a home-made gift and Bible verse with the team member we pulled out of a can at random. It was delightful to see the creations the kids came up with just the ‘things’ that were laying around the base! Mr. Josiah created  a lovely gift for Jessie that encouraged her to know that God is all around her while Christa made an awesome sword for Mitchell to remind him that God is our victory over everything. It was awesome to the kids pour their hearts into something that could be uplifting and meaningful for their teammates and leaders! Thanks Karis for giving Ms Jen that awesome necklace-crown and Jacob for making a beautiful butterfly for Mr. Mike. Ms. Beth received a wonderful letter as did Mr. Josiah. Tomorrow is our official pack-out day. Since we fly out early we are taking out trip to ‘Mital del Mundo’ on Thursday and staying over night in Quito so that we can get to the airport early! Please pray for our team as we have a few sick kids and leaders. We need focus to get our (your) kids home safely! Also, pray for God to prepare the kids to leave Ecuador behind. Despite all of the homesickness, the kids are still really sad to leave here! It has been a bumpy and curvy road this summer! Praise God each and every person has grown in their relationship with Christ and had an incredible experience here in Ecuador. There is so much potential for this base!  God bless and see you in the US!!!!

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