The Monsoon Season Has Arrived!

Puppet EvangelismThe monsoon season has arrived! Here in Nepal the monsoon season has finally really hit–something much needed as the country has been very dry and water has been scarce. Unfortunately, while the rain is great for the country, it hampers our work somewhat. We have been trying to finish the plaster on the boys’ bathroom wall, but the work has been slowed greatly by the rain. Because of this, we have been finding other projects to do around the Haven. We have pulled out the window on the girls’ side and have begun bricking up the hole. Some team members have helped clean tile in the Haven’s kitchen, while others have helped sort and clean a storeroom which will be made into a library for the kids. While sorting through the storeroom, the team found some old Teen Missions equipment left by past teams–a couple of hard hats, an old carry-on, etc. Gabe, one of the missionaries’ kids, has been wearing the old hard hat and work gloves around!  Also, we have been able to spend time with the kids, and on Monday we ran their prayer time.  Along with music and puppet songs, two puppets told the story of David and Goliath while team members acted out the main roles (the Haven kids also participated, joining in as parts of the Israelite and Philistine armies).  The kids enjoyed the story, and the team plans on doing similar activities in future presentations.

A couple of updates by team members:

Alyssa A. says, “Being here in Nepal with all these kids who have experienced traumatic situations in their family life has taught me about being content. All the children here hold an indescribable joy that can only come from God being in their lives. The kids have contentment with their lives and situations even though many of them have not had the best home lives outside of the Haven. God has been showing me that contentment is a choice and I can either choose to be content or I can go through life discontent and unhappy.”

Hannah says, “It’s hard to believe that our time here is almost up. It seems like just yesterday we arrived and were awestruck by the beauty of this country. If there is a place where God’s majesty is shown clearly, it is here. God has been so good to me and I feel so deeply blessed that He chose to send me here. God has revealed so much to me while I’ve been here. I came this summer with a heart ready to serve the kids. God has really given me a heart and a love for children and the idea of an orphanage team was by far my ideal team. I had no idea though how much I was going to be blessed by the kids here. They have all been such a joy. We have prayer time with them at 6 p.m. every night and during that time we sing songs and praise the Lord together.  That is one of my favorite parts of the day.  Their love for the Lord ministers to me so much. After all, I am so blessed to live in a wealthy country with so many luxuries, so how much easier it should be for me to be thankful and be happy. Yet I complain endlessly at times for the things I don’t have. Coming here and seeing the kids’ joy and pure happiness, despite being orphaned or abandoned by their families, makes me realize just how selfish I am at times.  They have so little, yet give so much; how much more should I be willing to give and sacrifice?  The love they show me blesses me beyond all measure. They love to serve. They want to help me with everything–washing dishes, cleaning potatoes, doing laundry…they’ve even wanted to help me brush my teeth, but I had to decline that offer. One particular time that God really blessed me was the other day when we were all having tea together–the kids and the team. We were planning on taking a few of the kids who were doing well in school shopping with us and out to lunch. They didn’t know quite yet the whole plan though. So as we were sitting at the table, I asked one of the little boys, Rawant, if he was excited about going. He said yes, and asked what we were going to do. As I started telling him about shopping and lunch, his eyes got big and the smile on his face was one I’ll never forget. He had so much fun that day! The smile never left his face. He helped me pick out tea, offered to carry my bags and even though he didn’t have money, he was still full of joy. We so often overlook the little things we expect to be given to us like lunch out at a restaurant. We so often overlook the daily blessings God gives us and forget to be thankful. If there is one thing God really taught me, it is to be thankful in everything and never expect anything, for every blessing is from Him. We deserve nothing, yet He chooses to love us endlessly.”


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