Two Days Of Hard Work

Painting CrewAh, what can be accomplished in two days of hard work! Our team completed the second coat of paint on Monday and yesterday they began the third and final coat. We are very pleased with the progress, but time is of the essence now, since we just learned the scaffolding that we have been using to paint will be taken down on Monday, giving us one less day to paint the higher portions of the mansion. We are thrilled at the prospect of seeing the fully painted house without the scaffolding obstructing our view, and I’m sure that your children will be proud to show you pictures of them in front of their handiwork. We have set the date of finishing on Saturday evening. The master painter, Andre, commented that we should start a painting company. We would have a lot of business, he says! (I bet you didn’t know your teen could paint historic buildings?) Well, tomorrow is the grand adventure to Lucerne, so there will be plenty to tell of in the next report, but today is another day of hard work that the team is ready to tackle.


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