Two More Training Days Left

Rescue Unit Feeding ProgramThank you for your prayers for the Lord has been so good to our team. We have two more training days left at the national Boot Camp and then we will begin the Foot Washing part of our ministry. Each day the team has been diligent in teaching the dramas, puppets, music and phonics. They have also had the opportunity to teach them some American children’s games like, Red Rover, Duck Duck Goose, Freeze Tag, London Bridge is Falling Down. We plan to teach a few more games tomorrow morning. The national teens loved Red Rover they got so excited over that game and took it very serious. Every evening the team is preforming as the MTCs (Missionaries to Cameroon)  They are greatly loved by the nationals and they are cheered for quite loudly each night. Brittiany was handed the microphone by a pastor who was preaching to sing a solo the other night in the rally—what a surprise—she did great. We have seen 27 of the national teens give their lives to Christ so far. The nationals laugh at our kids washing laundry. They have asked Papa Tom many times if they could do the laundry for the team—he says “No, it is good training for our kids to do their own.”  The technique they have developed for washing socks is to put them on their hands and rub—the Africans think it is so funny. We have team members who have sore throats at the end of the day after talking all day and then singing at night. We are thankful that no one has been ill enough to go to sick tent. We are treating all the sniffles and throats. Mama Linda made everyone a big pot of chicken noodle soup yesterday to help things along. Treavor shared in devos last night that the Lord is teaching him about being selfish and that he needs to put others first. Seth P & Seth H. have been our faithful guitar players and we appreciate them tons. The phonics team of Claire, Hadley, Amanda & Ashlynne have done a great job of training and we hear the team members singing the phonics alphabet around the camp. The puppet team of Kenzie, Rainey , Cliffy Seth P and Vicki are doing a fantastic job and the teams are getting very good with puppets. The drama team of Aubrey, Jason, Ben, Alissa & Trevor have taught 5 dramas and the teams are doing well.  The music team of Brittiany, Seth H. and Hannah have taught many American songs which we hear being sung daily as we walk around. As a treat, we took the team to town on Wednesday afternoon. They enjoyed buying a cold coke and trying the chocolates and cookies.  Many bought shampoos and soaps as well for they had run out of what we had purchased when we first arrived. They teamed up and are sharing bottles of shampoo rather than buying one of their own. We left all the liquid soaps behind for debrief due to weight limits coming over. Saturday is the national commissioning service which we are all looking forward to. The team will choose the best from their classes to demonstrate to the visitors what they have learned. On Saturday afternoon, we will walk to the palace to greet the area Fon (tribal chief). ,On Sunday, after we see off the national teams, we go to church in nearby Nsongwa village and then spend the afternoon sorting shoes for our trip to the village. We will leave early Monday morning to visit the first Unit in Mbambe in Ngie Province. It will be an adventure getting over the bumpy roads—we are sure the kids will love it. We will be at that Unit until Friday. We will not have email access while we are at the Unit. We will send a detailed report of the week on Friday afternoon when we return. Thank you for your prayers. We, as leaders, are beginning to see the Lord work in the lives of the team as they learn their memory verses and have time daily with the Lord in devotions. We have some share each day what the Lord is teaching them and we are glad they are learning to trust in the Lord. We are sure that next week will be life-changing as they see the orphans and the poverty that surrounds the villagers in the areas where the Units are located. Keep us in your prayers.

The Cameroon Team


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