Only Six More Days

Suriname Finished ProjectWith only six more days left in Suriname, it’s almost unbelievable that our time here is almost over. The days and weeks have flown by. We are finishing up with two days of blocklaying today and tomorrow, then Saturday six chuches have been invited out to help us put up the roof. The wood was delivered last week and we have been preparing for Saturday by trying to paint it all with a treatment to make it termite proof. At the end of the work day yesterday, we were down to the very last of the blocks, then shortly before supper another shipment came in and now we are ready to finish off our project. Our goal is to make it to the 10th layer all the way around the building and complete the roof. Yesterday was a pretty tough day on the worksite. It was hot (the temps have been around 33 degrees each day), some were fighting off dehydration, some were having a hard time with the fumes from the wood treatment and overall motivation was low. I think mostly it’s overall tiredness from long days filled with hard work and a busy schedule of classes. Tuesday night we were blessed to have dinner prepared for us, a traditional meal including roti (fry bread), chicken with curry, pumpkin, cucumbers, long beans, egg bons and a delicious three layer pudding cake. Roy and Bev Lytle and another missionary couple who are working on translations in the jungles of Suriname brought the meal and joined us for dinner. By this time tomorrow, the entire team will have learned all 40 memory verses. Tonight we are practicing jumping skills. The team is very competitive and we are having seven people consistantly quiz out within a 20-minute quiz. I think everyone enjoys the time we spend quizzing and we share a lot of laughs too. Last night after supper, the team walked out along a pathway cleared for planting banana trees along a natural spring at the back of the property and Erin spotted a sloth up in the trees. We were close enough to it to see a baby clinging on to the momma. We weren’t able to get very good pictures because it was so close to sunset, but it was pretty cool. That’s all for now, thank you for all your prayers.

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