Still Busy!

The team has been busy cementing sidewalks in the mornings and working on leveling dirt, drywall and painting in the afternoons. I’m sure all the parents at home are writing a list of jobs that their teen get done when they get home… cementing that driveway, renovating their rooms, repainting the house… the mind boggles at how helpful the teens could be when they get home! There are only 5 working days now as we will be heading off on Tuesday for the town of 1770 for the Great Barrier Reef experience. We are hoping to finish pouring 200′ of 4.5′ wide sidewalk and have the ground ready for sod by the time we finish – as well as all the drywall and a lot of painting. The team did their last school presentation on Wednesday. They did 2 half hour sessions to about 150 children using puppets, interactive singing and illustrations. We have been invited back to the very first church we went to, to run the children’s Sunday school program on the last Sunday the team is here in Australia.They may also be involved in the church service. The team went to Australia Zoo today as well as an Opel and Skins shop. A highlight for them was patting the tame kangaroos and koalas. Some of the team enjoyed spending a bit of time just sitting down and lying alongside the kangaroos as they lazed around in the sun. We’ve had blue skies and it has been cool in the evenings and mornings – lows of about 9-10 C and highs of about 20 C.


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