The Computer Was Working!

This is a surprise that we could get the computer started and the actually the connection managed to stay up so I could read emails. Hope this gets to you. I, Heni, is at the base for the day with five TMs to clean up after the Preteens before our team comes on Saturday. The weather has been good. The team is in good cheer and counting the days down. We are finishing at House of Peace, working on leveling the tabernacle, filling the beams and general clean up around the Unit, as well as starting the foundation of their special project of rabbits. We finished our verses yesterday and only one is behind with one review, the rest are up to date. Almost every single day we go out to different villages to minister beside the work projects, and we are glad to see dozens and dozens of people committing themselves to Christ at the presentations. Praise the Lord. We are working on finishing the Bible Study and GG books, …they sure love to discuss the topics, which is great, because they are learning from it. We are praising the Lord for what He is doing in the team members’ heart and through them.


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