A Day Of Sight-Seeing

Russia SightseeingWhat a fun day we had on Wednesday! We woke up at 5:00 a.m., had a quick bowl of cold cereal with milk and then got on our bus to go to Ekaterinburg for our sightseeing day. The weather was perfect as we rode the four hours to the big city. The sun was shining on the beautiful wheat fields that we passed and the flowers were blooming on the front window ledges of the dachas. We ate some Russian pastries on our bus ride, as well as some homemade M&M’s cookies. The team first visited  the site where the last Russian Czar Family died. We were able to purchase a few souvenirs there, but got back on the bus to go to the street lined with small tables where the Russian vendors sell their merchandise. A little excitement awaited us as we arrived at the place where the last three Siberia Teams have done their souvenir shopping, only to find that the street was completely empty. But, praise the Lord, the bus driver’s wife knew where to find them. So, the team did end up buying many of the souvenirs they wanted. After souvenir shopping, we got back on our bus and took a short ride to the Europe/Asia border. The team members had fun taking pictures with one half of their bodies in Europe and the other in Asia. Then, the part of the day the entire team (especially our hamburger-craved head leader) had been waiting for….we went to a mall that had a McDonald’s. Yes, we thoroughly enjoyed devouring hamburgers, french fries and cold sodas with ice in them. Some of the team members ate pizza as well with ice cream for dessert. The mall was huge and had a ton of fun stores to browse in. Our lady leader, Miss Gay, was excited to visit the large supermarket that was in the mall. It is at least twice as big as any WalMart at home. What a blessing that was to be able to find some things that she really wanted that can’t be found in the small village where we are staying. The head male leader, Steve, and Mr. Eivind, our volunteer, visited the IKEA store and found an excellent bargain on a countertop for the kitchen in the BMW building. Not only was it a good color, but it was on clearance….Praise the Lord for that good deal. Then the team piled back on the bus to go back to the base where we are staying. There was some kind of traffic jam on the highway, so that slowed us down about 30 minutes, but the weather was still wonderful and the scenery still just as pretty. We arrived back at the base at 10:30, had a snack of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and plums, thanked the Lord for a great day and then went to bed. Our small team joke for all of you who are waiting for the next verse:  The ENTIRE team fit on the back row of the bus…so there was really no need to fight for a good seat. Today (Thursday) we are back at work on winterizing the house and doing the various jobs around the property. THANK YOU to all who are praying for us.  We can definitely tell that the Lord is working here and we appreciate your prayers. Have a great weekend and we’ll write more later. Love to all the families.


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