An Update From The Missionary

Team Tent SiteThe team was in Kitwe on Monday. I know they sent reports. When I talked with Thomas on Monday he said Kathy was sending reports at that time. They were going to cc me a copy in case something went wrong but I did not get a copy. This is what I think happened. We have not been getting our auto responses from the office. They started again on the 28th of July so when Kathy sent a report on Monday they were not getting through. This has happened many times this summer. I have had to resend e-mails many times, Kathy doesn’t have that luxury. Monday was the one day they could send reports and that day you couldn’t receive them so now the parents will have to wait until they come in to the base on Sunday (Lord willing). This is African bush and not instant USA communication. She doesn’t even realize the e-mails she sent didn’t get through. This is a very real part of our missionary life in Zambia. When I talked with Thomas he said that the team had been having much success with their projects. They had finished filming at Mukema and Funda and were planning on filming at Luswishi this week. While  Kathy and Thomas had four team members with them the other four were with Joe and Jillian  taking  them on the regularly scheduled MSSM circuit with Kelvin and Edmond. So this small team is doing the work of two teams. All were fine physically. The bikes are working fine. Only minor problems that always come up. Spark plugs that get fouled up, punctured tires and the like.


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