Only One More Day!

Papua Puppet EvangelismThe Papua team has only one more full day left here in Nabire before we head to Ambon. This last week we have pushed to get the last spetic hole dug and cemented so that theycan continue work on the building after we leave. The work has been dirty and muddy but they have managed to finish all they can. They have also been working on digging holes for the Boot Camp toilets and clearing pathways for the OC. The Chief is paying for a wood stage floor to be put in the pole barn. All the tents are now moved on to wood and while we only get to enjoy it for a few days, we know that this will be a blessing to those that are left here as it will keep them out of the mud. Thursday lunch time some of the locals came and cooked a traditional Indonesian feast in the ground for us. It contained pork (and several pig feet!!!), fish, cassava, papaya leaves and fried bananas. Some of it was very different to what the kids are use to, but they ate it with a smile. We are in town tonight and have done two presentations, one at a school and the other at a children’s home. Our team was treated like celebrities at the school and we got a taste of what it felt like to be hounded by the paparazzi! Tomorrrow we will be doing a half-day of work then cleaning tools and tents to be ready to leave Sunday at 11AM. We praise God for all the work that has been accomplished and for the bridges that have been built.


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