Packing Up

The Wall Almost DoneIt has rained non-stop since Wednesday. Nothing is getting dry. We have lines up under pavilions, but they are taking a long time to dry. We had a team banquet last night and had a great time together with special food…ranch chicken, parmesan potatoes, corn on the cob, apple pie and icecream! We are busy packing up today. It has been a blessing because the orphanage cooked lunch for us and they are buying supper for us, so we were able to pack up the kitchen early. They are so generous to us. Tonight we are planning to go to the local park to hand out tracts, but may not because of the rain. We leave at 8 AM tomorrow morning and should be in Bangkok by 5 PM tomorrow night. We are staying at Kris’ church and will attend there in the morning. We will go to the huge local handcraft market in the afternoon and evening. We bus to the airport at 6 AM Monday morning and fly to Hong Kong at 10 AM. We are looking forward to a night in a hotel there…with showers, our first since before Boot Camp. Of course, we have been taking bucket baths! We appreciate you prayers as we travel the next few days and then on to Florida for Debrief.

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