Finishing Strong

Switzerland TeamGuten Tag again from Einigen! We are beginning to see, literally, the product of our hard work come to a quick completion. The grand white house shines like a white crown on top of the hill. The third and final coat is being painted as we speak, and it is a job well done indeed! We should be putting the finishing touches on tomorrow, as well as cleaning up our work site a bit. On Monday, the surrounding scaffolding will be taken away, and we will be able to see our handiwork unobstructed for the first time. But now to tell you of our adventure yesterday: we boarded a charter bus bright and early in the morning, and arrived at the ice cave high in the Alps after a breathtaking drive through the countryside. The ice cave amazed us all as we traveled inside its long, blue tunnels. One team member described it as “being in a refrigerator.” Onward we traveled, the stunning views of the mountains, rivers, valleys, and waterfalls giving the team innumerable picture-taking opportunities to show friends and family back home a glimpse of what they saw and experienced. We arrived in Lucerne just after lunchtime, giving us plenty of time to waltz around the city, browsing shop after shop of authentic Swiss goodies. The famous statue of a slain lion, carved into the side of a cliff in memory of a regiment of brave Swiss Gaurds, was definitely a highlight for many of the team, as was the walk on the medieval covered bridge, decorated with murals of famous moments in Swiss history. The city itself is beautiful, with countless buildings, bridges, and statues giving it a noble, aristocratic feel. Just walking the historic streets was an unforgettable experience. Many team members were encouraged to try some authentic Swiss cuisine, but most played it safe and went instead to the local McDonald’s. You can take the teen out of America, but you can’t take the American out of the teen! We departed lovely Lucerne at 7:30, making our way back “home” to Einigen. Crawling back into our tents, memories of the day danced across our digital camera screens and then our minds as we drifted off to sleep, blessed by our day of rest, but ready to hit the paint brushes again the next day with a renewed vigor.


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