Greetings From OA II

Zambia Motorcycle TeamGreetings from the OA II MSSM/Film 26! On Tuesday we continued to get cleaned up and ready for our move to Lushwshi. As we had been to Kitwae on Tuesday the team was able to enjoy sloppy joes, french fries and salad cooked by Jillian. The team really enjoyed the special meal. Wednesday morning we were up at 6:00, taking down the tents, packing the truck eating breakfast and then devotions. The motorcycles were then fired up and most of the team went to Mukema for Sunday School. They enjoyed the time at Mukema holding the Sunday School, teaching phonics and helping with games. They rode back to Lushwshi as this would be our location for Wednesday, Thursday to finish the filming. Thursday is Sunday School at Lushwshi but we changed it a bit as we needed to do some filming. We filmed the circuit riders teaching phonics, learning their Sunday School memory verses, and then we filmed some of the team members doing various teaching jobs as well. We took some footage of the children walking to Sunday School and the motorcycle riding through the bush. We had the filming completed and they were able to continue with the Sunday School program where the other team members helped with teaching and a 1/2 team presentation. We met back for lunch and then waited for the adults to come to do some footage of the teacher training time. However, the Chief has come to the village so the ladies didn’t come as it is an important occasion when the chief comes to the village. There were some ladies nearby so we staged them for the needed shots. We had evening devotions around the camp fire as well as their GG classes. Friday morning, the team headed to Funda for the Sunday School class. Most of the team went to Funda as this is probably their favorite place to be. Solomon worked on getting the film on the computer and the external drive but continues to have problems as we can’t keep the computer charged long enough to get everything down loaded. The team came back from Funda and enjoyed their time. We had supper and then evening devotions around the camp fire. Saturday morning we were up at 6:00, taking down the tents, packing the truck, breakfast, devotions and then the team was going to Mpopo for sunday School and then onto Katembula. The truck went to Funda to get some footage of the mother’s seminar and to get some footage of the Sunday School. We had some problems with the camera, so we missed some of the footage that we wanted to get but we will be okay. The team and the truck would meet at Kapelimekwa for our last day in the bush. We were able to get the tents set up and the baggage out to the tent site ready for the team when they would arrive later in the afternoon. Supper was ready for them, evening devotions and Saturday night is fun night. The team played some charades and mafia with an intermission of hot chocolate, graham crackers with frosting and then to bed. Sunday morning we were up at 6:00, taking tents down, pakcing the truck, breakfast and then devotions. The motorcycles were all fired up and ready to head on the road by 8:30. We were to meet at the gas station in Kitwae. The truck is much slower and took about 3 1/2 hours while the motorcycles made it in 2 1/2 as they can manage the road, ruts, dust and potholes much better than the truck. We had lunch at the gas station and the team enjoyed some sodas, or coke whichever you call it while they waited for the truck. About 2:30 we were all back on the road again and had about an hour ride to Ndola. We were riding into the base at 3:00. We were able to unload the truck, get the tents set up and get some clean up time. By supper everyone had the red dirt washed off and enjoyed the evening meal. We won’t have a camp fire to be around tonight for devotions but it has been a full and sucessful day. We are so thankful for the safety and good health that the Lord continues to give us. Thanks for all your prayers. We look forward to a good night sleep. When the day is finished tomorrow you will hear once again from OA II as we now have access to email. All for now.  Again, special greetings and love from Erin, Lauren, Olivia, Esther, Jake, Juice, Micah and Solomon. We can hardly believe that project time is finished. It has gone by so quickly.


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