It Has Been Sunny

PuppetsThe girls window is now complete after block laying and plastering. The foundation has been started for the girls side of the bathrooms. There is approximately one day left of plastering on the boys side. On Friday, we led the prayer time at Mendies haven using songs, puppets and a skit of Noah involving all the kids at Mendies Haven. On Saturday, we were allowed to lead the children’s worship. The youth did a skit of the good Samaritan along with some drama and puppets. The Nepal kids enjoyed the performance! On Sunday, we had a sightseeing day. We were able to go into the old city and see some Hindu temples. This was  followed by a traditional meal. The day was concluded with a trip to the zoo and an elephant ride around the zoo for the whole team. The weather has been a bit more sunny with occasional afternoon and night rains.


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