Seventeen Decisions For Christ This Week

Child EvangelismThe team returned to the TMI base yesterday after five days of ministry down the Guama River. We stayed in a small community called Boa Vista (Nice view) and had lots of involvement with children programs twice a day in six communities all within five miles of where we were staying. Speaking of accommodation… the team was hosted in the pastor´s new house, but the only problem was there were still no windows, doors or floors in yet. The first night we were attacked by mosquitoes, so we made an emergency trip back to the base for tents, which we were able to put up the next evening and a better night from bites was had by all. It never really took care of the raging roosters though that crowed all night long, but you can’t have it all! The team broke into two groups when we traveled to Boa Vista. Half the team went on the TMI boat down the Guama River (2 1/2 hours journey). The others all got onto our TMI bikes and pedalled the 12 miles to meet up with the boat. James led the way with one of the BMW students, and Luke, Topher, Ian, Juanita, Liam and Evie biked it all the way. It was pretty hilly, soft sand on the dirt road and a few creek crossings… and not one spill. They did very well. The highlight for us all was the 17 children that prayed to accept Christ. The children of Boa Vista were also a real blessing as they traveled with us in the truck to every presentation and had learned everyone’s names by the end. Today was a very busy day. We had a cancellation for an EV opportunity at the last minute and so we decided to turn it into a work day. At Boot Camp, the team had done a few construction classes and had never really had the chance to put it into practice… until today. The TMI base has for a long time needed to improve the entrance to the base from the highway but never really had the funds or the hands. But with this team we saw that possibility and personally, Vanja and Dave had been dreaming to do this project. The team was so motivated and worked so hard. They were such a blessing to us and the rest of the Brazilians on the base. We started at 6:30am and went through til 5pm stopping only for meals, devos and study times. They managed to dig a 30 meter ditch, put in a culvert with 10 large concrete tubes and then spread 5 dumptruck loads of dirt. It’s not quite finished but let me tell you it was such a blessing. And the Lord even showed His favor when a bulldozer drove past, backed up and voluntarily helped spread the dirt for us, before driving off again. Tonight the team is at a church joining in on a youth service. Tomorrow we are mainly going to catch up on some studies that we are behind on, attend a local church, and then get our stuff packed up. Monday morning we are off to Belem for a final day of souvenir spending and sight-seeing. On Tuesday we celebrate our team banquet at a legitimate Brazilian BBQ Restaurant (like no other) and then participate in a final church service that evening. Wednesday morning we are off to the airport and on our way back to Florida for Debrief. Thank you once again to all those praying for the team. God has been so good to us. As leaders we are very proud of the testimony they have left behind at every location. We have seen each one grow so much in so many ways as they have been faced with challenges and choices all summer. We pray that this growth will continue as they return home that the fruit will remain. Lord bless, Amazon River Team 2009.

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