Testimonies From Uganda

Greetings in the Lord from Uganda! This has been a week of hard work on the building, and the two end walls are up to the ring beam level. Windows are now visible and the team is encouraged to get the entire building finished up to the ring beam. Several interesting things have taken place during the work days, including Viviana falling into the spring from which we get our water. They had their first experience of laying bricks while standing on home-made scaffolding. No one has fallen off. Team members are enjoying the rotation of jobs so they learn to lay bricks, go for water, mix mortar and various other jobs. Some team members have volunteered to work during their free time in order to get as far as possible on the building before they leave. Team members have written brief messages as follows:

“On the way from the base to the school one of the team members got sick. Everyone was concerned because she had a fever and she had had a cold for two days. The roads were bumpy which was not good. It took us two hours to get to our project site at the school. The moral of it is: You can have fun in every situation.” Brett

“I was walking back to the site from a water run and a young man walked up to me and asked if he could carry my bucket. I told him that he didn’t have to, but he insisted. Then he said, ‘Do you know Jesus?’ My reply was, ‘Yes!’ Then he said ‘Well Jesus told us to help others and you are helping us by building the school, so I will help you by carrying your water.’ It was amazing!” Gabrielle

“Uganda! Wow! It is finally here. What can I do? Well lets see, work on the school, play sports, or complain. Well for awhile I chose to complain. But the Lord has shown me that complaining doesn’t accomplish anything but put others down. With the Lord taking over my life and my teammates supporting me it has made the hard times seem easy. Thank you, Jesus, for all things you have done in my life.” Jeff

“I can feel God’s presence here every night and day. I see it on the faces of the children that bounce up and down with joy surrounding us, awaiting our time to play. Africa is a bountiful place of happiness, contentment, love and joy. A helping hand is lent out at every corner along with a long-lasting friendship. You become friends with everyone you talk to and each individual has a hidden story that stays with you forever. I shall never forget this place. My heart has opened its doors and will never close them. Africa and the people living in this vast land have touched me every day and they will be in my heart, thoughts, and prayers ALWAYS!” Kathleen

“Africa . . .this trip has been amazing! We have experience incredible Ugandan sunsets and sunrises, the thrill of market places and children, and we have seen God’s hand totally at work in this place! I have enjoyed every moment of children playing with my hair, to babies falling asleep in my arms. Our team is fantastic, and God has placed us together perfectly! I love my team, and this village and country. God is good! He has opened my eyes and heart to Himself and Africa. I am truly blessed to be serving the Lord here!” Naomi

“I’m having a good time in Uganda. The project is hard but fun. God’s showing me that I need to rely on Him more than I have before.” Andrew

“Greetings family, friends, & supporters! God has blessed me and is still blessing me this summer. He has opened my eyes to many things. I came here to grow in my relationship with Jesus and to test my faith with what I believe in. The Lord has blessed me with more than I could ask for. I may have learned how to lay a brick, but laying a foundation and walls of bricks and making it rise starts with people. Shining the love of Jesus is the only thing that is going to raise these up and help them to grow. God should be our foundation before any earthly foundation is set. A relationship with the one true Father is more important than a secondary school building, but building a school tends to open the eyes, hearts and minds of the people watching. This trip has been a great JOY! Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last. Jesus is the only JOY that fills my heart.” Christian

“Evangelism days have been the highlight of the trip for me. I have really felt God moving through me and giving me the words to say. One of my new friends named Alexander, brought me to two brothers named Ambrose and Isaac. They wanted to accept Jesus as their Savior. God really brought some key scriptures into my head to guide them to Christ. The Lord also helped me to clearly explain the steps . . .Admit, Believe, Change to giving their lives to the Lord. I am so thankful that God has chosen to work in and through me and I can’t wait to see where He leads me next.” Jake

“Africa is a little different from America. There are no paved roads – I walk ¼ mile to get some water, and I use an outhouse for a bathroom. But I love Africa. The people are the most sweet and loving people ever. There is always a nice breeze coming through our work site and cute little animals like chickens, goats, and sheep. Dogs run around all night. Best of all, I am learning to be thankful for the simplest things like toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, my bed, running water, my clothes, my friends and my family.” Jaime

When I first got to Uganda I was having serious doubts about God – even doubting that God existed. After a few days in Nakabango we went to Bunalwenyi. During the truck ride I couldn’t even pray. When we got there at night, a teammate, Jeff, saw I wasn’t doing too great. When he found out about my doubts with God he simply said, ‘There has to be a God Look at the stars!’ This statement dumbfounded me at how simple it was. That has greatly affected me and helped me in my faith. Nahum 1:7” Michaela

“One of the best experiences so far has been the truck ride from Nakabango to Bunalwenyi. Everyone was tired and needed a bathroom stop, they were excited for our project. We rallied around Morgan, who was sick, and still had a good time laughing, telling stories, etc. After dark, a peace fell on the truck that could only be the Holy Spirit. We sang worship songs and prayed. It was, personally, one of the highlights of this trip.” Ben

“Greetings from here in Uganda! What a trip this has been – so many new and exciting experiences. God is so good! It’s amazing to see Him working through myself and my teammates. The people here are so awesome and willing to learn about Jesus Christ. We have had our ups and downs, our share of sickness and tears but we have managed to only grow stronger as a team. “ Megan

“Even though it’s not what you expected, doesn’t mean its not worth it . . .” One of our Boot Camp speakers said this during a rally, but I forgot about it until I was in the sick tent one day here in Uganda. Frankly, I was tired of being here, and missed my friends and family. I began re-reading my journal and the notes I took at Boot Camp. When I reached that quote I read it over and over. God was convicting me to teach me the value of this trip. Even though I was tired there wa so much left for me to learn here. He knows exactly why I am here – I just need to trust Him and learn and appreciate everything! though this summer has been hard, I know it is worth it in every way.” Viviana

“The night we got to the village after being in the truck for two hours was indescribable. When we arrived the girls who stay at the school were praising God with all their beings in song. There was no light, but that was not an obstacle to worship the Lord. I thought it was just a one-time experience, but the girls wake every morning at 5:30 and sing praises to God. I thought it would be a good experience to worship God in another language and with people I don’t know and still experience God’s love.” Camila

“The summer is going so neat! Every day the school is looking more and more like a school classroom. The team is getting along great, we’re like one big happy family! We are constantly laughing and smiling – it makes the work days go by so fast. It’s crazy how fast this summer is going by. It seems like yesterday we got to the village.” Ferris

“During a hard day of laying bricks and mixing mortar, there is always one thing that puts a smile on our faces. His name is Mohammed, and he is a loveable 3 year-old. He is always around, cheering us up and playing with us. Recently he has started trying to help us build the building. He loves to shovel sand and help push the wheelbarrow. He puts smiles on our faces when h shows up in the morning.” Morgan

“Our team stayed at Boot Camp a couple of days after Commissioning to work. I was very tired and sad because my family left. I was separating chairs for what seemed like hours. I had been doubting the existence of God, but would say, ‘No! I know He exists. While I was working, however, the doubts flooded my mind saying, ‘God is not real’, ’You have to be perfect to get to heaven’. I knew these were not my thoughts, but those of the devil, and that they were not true.Through all of that God used it to show mw that He truly exists.” Luke

No one has been in the sick tent and the country is stable. The team members are sharing good devotions in the evenings, and we are enjoying learning through the daily Bible studies and personal devotions as well.  We are grateful for our families and prayer partners who are praying for us as we do hard work physically and share Christ on weekends when we go to schools and play various sports and put on presentations before sharing one-on-one and in groups with kids our own age.


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