The Project Has Been Completed!

Switzerland Project SiteWell, here we are: at the conclusion of a wonderful summer here in Switzerland! We have completed the task appointed to us: the painting of the schlossli, a job that at the outset seemed insurmountable. But the team has persevered and conquered all obstacles, whether physical or spiritual. They walked up that hill every day with the best of attitudes, showing the base staff that it was not only our job, but our joy and our pleasure to serve them. More than anything, that constant attitude is what has made the strongest impression here at Schlossli Le Rudli, and we pray to the unsaved guests and neighbors as well. We ended our final work day Saturday evening with a special celebration to honor the team and the work they did. They were served Alpine Macaroni, a traditional Swiss dish, as well as homemade cherry juice. Their menu also included bread and butter, salad, crunchy onions and applesauce. Members of the staff presented each member with a personalized Swiss pocket knife, thanking them deeply for their sacrifice and servitude this summer. We were also given a tour of the inside of the schlossli, oohing and ahhing all the way through its beautiful rooms full of antique furniture. As a final blessing, we were taken to the “secret” prayer chapel and were prayed over by the head of the ministry here. It was indeed a blessing to be thanked so warmly, and I believe the team finally came to realize how much their summer here in Switzerland has meant for Schlossli Le Rudli. As leaders, we pray that they will not only remember what they accomplished on the work site, but even more so, what the Lord has done in their own hearts and lives through the things they have experienced as a team. God has given us all so many opportunities this summer to learn more of what it means to follow Him, not only on the mission field, but in our daily lives. As Christians, we are to take up our crosses not only on summer missions trips, but daily, no matter where we are or what we are doing.


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