Three More Days

The team is shocked at how quickly the time is running out here, with only three days of work and some of that time will be spent cleaning up the tools and the campground in preparation for the next group coming in here. They have been doing cement every day and completing the sidewalks around the building. Our goal is to completely finish the sidewalks and prepare the ground for sod. The team was a little disappointed that they would never get to lay the sod, but the cement work has been a big time-consuming job which is a great help to the TMIA base here. There is now very little drywall left to do and most of the rooms have been painted as much as they are able to be. We went to church at ‘Kings Noosa’ this morning and spent some of the afternoon preparing for team presentations at debrief. We are planning to leave early Tuesday morning to drive to the town of 1770. It is about a 6 hour drive, but I’m sure we will stop along the way for lunch and to have a look around. We will be tenting near the beach and going out on a boat to an island to snorkel. You can check out which will show you the tour operator and what we will be doing. Our time here is drawing to a close, but the work that God is doing in the lives of the team is something that will continue on for a long time. We enjoyed sitting around a campfire last night and tonight, hearing some of the testimonies of the team members – what things have been like for them in the  past and what God is doing in their lives now. I’m sure that the Teen Missions experience here in Australia will be one that they will never forget.


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