The Last Report

09CoveredWagonUST_001Last report- Wow! This summer has flown by…What a fun summer it’s been… building, eating, evangelizing, church, presentations, Bible memory, quizzing, beaches, picnics, banquet, Christmas in July, Pool party and sooooo much more fun! Loved it!

Today as we speak, the team is on their way to move three finished covered wagons out to the lake by the campfire circle. Yeehaw! Then they hope to finish finalize at least one more today by the end of the day. They are such hard workers. These wagons seem like something that could be finished rather quickly, but there are so many small details such as the screening, bending and shaping the steel poles that hold up the wagon canvas and so much more. The wagons are just the right size to fit a few team members, so we really hope to at least have one night to camp out there. That will seriously be a blast! We want to have a cowboy style dinner and roast marshmallows for smores around a fire the last night. Umm Umm good! Even though it is hot hot hot here in Florida we can still enjoy a small fire to get the feel for a real cowboy camping trip.

Anyways… The past few days have been full of work, fun and worship with the Lord. Thursday, Friday and half day on Saturday the team worked really hard to complete the three wagons and prepare them for a Monday move. The kitchen worked to fill all their hungry bellies and give them much needed energy to get the job done affectively. French toast, Asian style fried rice, soft tacos, pancakes, oh and another fun dessert! If you can’t tell I (Rachel) loveeee dessert and loveeee to bake and create new and fun creations. One night we had a Chocolate Peanut Butter Graham cracker crumb cake! Oh my goodness it was delightfully delicious.

So another exciting event was a Saturday night banquet. Jaja, Dan, Natali and I (Rachel) planned a surprise banquet out by the lake. During the afternoon mixed with cooking, Natali and I went out to the woods and cut down palm frauds and greenery to decorate a plain wooded pavilion out by Alligator lake. The leaders carried out tables and chairs and placed the branches up in the rafters and down the posts to give it a jungle hut feel. The floor was covered in palm frauds and Jaja, our personal interior/exterior decorator, hung our colorful curtains from our daily kitchen and spiced it up a bit. Sarah, our KP for the day, picked flowers and placed them as center pieces on the table and at each place setting to add a spot of color to the tables. It was a real treat to make a little hide-away hut like that. It sure seemed like we were in a restraunt in the jungles of some exotic island. So much fun! We cooked a delicious homemade meal out of the ordinary and lead them out to their surprise dinner get-away! The kids really enjoyed it and then they took time to walk around and hang out on the bridges over the lake as the sunset all around us. It was a beautiful breezy evening to really have time to relax.

Thank God for all the beauty He has created all around us to enjoy. So Sunday was an eventful day- we left early in the morning for Orlando to go to an amazing church called Grace Bible. The Covered Wagon team of 2008 went there last year cause it was the home church of a team member and then her family fed them lunch. Well since Jaja was the leader last year, the mom told her we could also come out. What a huge treat.

This Sunday couldn’t have worked out better, it was Grace’s Youth week and they had all the youth lead the music and skits in the service. Verrrry moving. Oh and the pastor spoke on Biblical forgiveness and what and how God asks for us to apply and put it into practice. Wow, what a message that I know touched us all in a deep and meaningful way. We all might have areas in our live of unforgiveness or people we still have not forgave and it really helped to put things in better perspective. After church we followed the Howell’s back to their home for an afternoon of fun. We ate hamburgers and hotdogs and delicious other treats and also had the opportunity to swim in their outdoor pool. What a day we had resting and enjoying a precious gift God gave fellowship and us to get away with such a sweet and hospitable family. Wow! So much fun! After we got back to Merritt Island we had to get back into our nightly Sunday routine of verse review, quizzing and evening devotions.

God continues to move in all of our lives. Continue to pray for all of our growth in God and the habit to stick of devotions and the changes we have made this summer to follow us after we leave the team in a week or so. We will continue to pray for all of you and hope you have had an amazing summer in each area where you have lived these past weeks. See you all soon.


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