In Our Last Week

It is amazing to think that we are one our last week here in Fiji. Every summer I am surprised how quickly time really slips away. When your doing the work of the Lord, however, the word ‘slips’ doesn’t really apply. I pray that we have used our time wisely and that we have allowed the Lord to direct us, not our circumstances. Speaking of circumstances, we have been held up a bit because of weather. We have had a day and a half of good weather, so we have been taking full advantage. We are working hard to get the roof in place and preparing to paint the patio and carport area. The days before that, however, have been very rainy. The roof is pitched, meaning that it is slanted just enough for it not to be safe to be up there. The team has been frustrated with this but I have explained that we are working on the Lords time here not our own. What we get done here is what He allows us to. We need to be thankful with what we have been used to do and understand that by His grace we will get the chance to get a little more. So our faith has increased and I believe we are seeing the result of our faith with the good weather we are experiencing now. So now that we have the good weather we are zeroing in on completing our project. To God be the Glory. I want to apologize again for the late report. I know some of you wait to see how the team is doing and have been waiting for this next report so please except my apologies. The team has been working on writing down their experiences here in Fiji but none of them have finished them up yet. It is hard for them to find time in our busy schedule. I really want to get them on this coming update so that you can see for yourselves what the Lord is teaching them. On Saturday the team made another visit to the local Awanas group, while I stayed back and prepared a special dinner for the team. I (Justin) had caught a big fish on the way back from Beqa so I thawed it out and went to work. I had fun preparing dinner for the team and it was a big comfort when the team enjoyed my cooking. Some even said it was the best fish they had ever had. I don’t really know about that but I will take the compliment. So while I was back at camp the team was with Rosemary and Pam at the Awanas group. This time around the Awana director was there so it was a bit more structured. The team had fun reconnecting with the friends they had made last time. The Awana kids had memory verses so the team helped them out. When is was time for games the time was handed over to us so the played Simon says, and duck duck chicken. Kinda hard to explain goose to the kids here. I know from experience. So this past week has been busy but blessed. Tomorrow we are headed up one of the major rivers here to visit three villages. We will be passing out coloring books and visiting with the kids. This trip was planned for last week but unfortunately we could not make connection with the villages to ask permission. So we are set for tomorrow God willing. We thank you for your prayers and ask that you continue to lift us up to our God as we wrap up our time here in Fiji. God bless.


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