Our Last Week In Siberia

Finished ProjectIt’s hard for us to believe that this time next week, the team will be on its way to Florida for Debrief. The time has flown by so fast. We spent Thursday through Saturday working on the projects here at the Siberia base. Every day we are seeing more and more progress. Even though we are a small team, we are getting things done and we praise the Lord for that. We visited yet another church on Sunday morning. It has been interesting to see how different each of the three churches we have visited are in their form of worship and presentation. But, we know that no matter how different they are, they are all worshipping our one true God. It has been a blessing to share that experience with so many different believers. We are pushing hard this week with the Russian teens who are on the property with us, to get all of the projects done. The weather has turned rainy and cooler, so our outside jobs have had to be put on hold for a short while. We still have many inside jobs that can be done, so we are working on them. But, we are praying the sun will come out for the rest of the week. The following are updates from ALL of our team members: All THREE of them!

It’s August 3, 2009 and we are all working hard to get as much done as possible. It has been tough because of the rain, since much of our project requires us to be outside. Mr. Eivind and I worked yesterday on putting the new countertop in the kitchen downstairs. It looks really nice. Also, the first level of insulation on the school is complete. Now we just have to do the outer layer. The rain has been coming and going, so we have been insulating from the inside. Thankfully, the rain has stopped for a short time and we were just able to poor the concrete around one of the fence posts out front. In anticipation of the fence being put out front, Steve dug several deep holes for the fence posts. The next day the two little Russian boys and I were looking in the holes and much to our surprise, there were frogs in them. It just cracks me up that the little frogs hopping along in the rain hop right in the holes! hee hee hee. Now, every time it rains, I go and rescue any of the little guys that have fallen in. I can’t believe that at this time next week we will all be on our way back to Florida. It is so sad to think of leaving everyone here. I think that I will miss it very much.-Erin

During the last few devotions, I have been reading in Acts. Paul’s devotion to God really made me think about how hard it is to share when people are not taking you seriously. In Acts 14:19-20 it talks about how Paul was persecuted and stoned. The persecutors thought he was dead and left him outside the city gates, but he wasn’t. And the next day he went back into the city and shared to the same people. I realized that instead of what people are thinking about me when I’m sharing with them or even if they are listening, I should still share because this could be their only chance to hear the Gospel. Erin and I got to talk to a girl in the mall in Ekaterinberg and she was not wanting to believe what we said, but we gave her a lot to think about. The people you witness to might not always accept what you say to them, but God finds a way to keep it in their mind. Acts 1:8 says “ Ye shall be witnesses  unto me unto the uttermost part of the earth.”-Kerry

Wow, our time in Russia in almost over. This summer has blown by. It seems like we were in Boot Camp yesterday; well Russian Boot Camp that is. The Lord has taught me many things this summer, both about Himself and His provision. Matthew 6:26 speaks about the birds and how we worry all the time, But the Lord provides for the birds every day. I had a big struggle leading up to the summer dealing with finances. I had to raise about $5,000 in 2 months! I was worried about if I would make it to Siberia due to finances. With $1,500 the commitment day required by Teen Missions came and I new that I had to either have all the money to go to Siberia or come up short and stay home this summer. One by one checks started coming in. Before I knew it I was $200 over what i needed! What a Mighty God we serve! I can just imagine the Lord laughing at my disbelief and saying “I’ve provided money for two years now…what’s so different about this one?” But that just shows how good God really is.-Jesse


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