We Are In Ambon

Papua TeamThe Papua team has arrived in Ambon safely. We are all getting use to the more “civilized” way of living with running water and plumbing. Its a nice way to ease us back into society! Sunday night (just a few hours after we arrived) we went to a youth service at the Focus on Christ Church. The kids were well recieved in their presentation and Adam (Leader) was able to preach. Before leaving Papua, Citra (Indonesian staff) gave all the boys ties so they all looked very handsome in their new attire! We were treated to a traditional Indonesian/Chinese meal by the youth minister and his family. They owned a department store and lived above it so we were able to go to their store afterwards even though it was actually closed. It was literally like taking a bunch of kids to a candy store as they hadnt been in a store like that for a while. Monday was spent catching up on classes and shopping for food. Also doing laundry and other tasks Monday night the students and our team went to do Kids club programs. They all had a lot of fun, but for some of them it was a long walk! . Today the team learned how to make blocks/bricks at the Bible School and are helping with setting up some of the stuff for the OC and Boot camp. There is no ministry tonight so we hope to do a few more classes. Wed night the team is sharing in another church and we believe that one of our guys will be preaching again. Thursday we hope to hit the beach and also get some shopping in. Heres to hoping for good weather as it has been overcast and raining since we arrived! Everyone is doing well. A few people have upset stomaches as they get use to yet another location. Most coughs have gone. The lady leaders are enjoying not having to cook over open fires anymore!!!!


After being on the field for three weeks, there has been a lot of good things that God has taught me. Its been really fun to learn to live without what seems like necessities in America. God has also been teaching me about patience and love. I’m trying very hard to put my learnings into practice, I fail sometimes but God teaches me new things from them. This summer has just been a whole lot of fun stuff and good stuff. Im almost sad that it is going to be over so soon!-Tori

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