Last Report

Finished ProjectNamaste! This will be our final report from Nepal, as we will be leaving on Saturday. We are in the process of finishing up all of our work: we finished plastering and completed a drainage trench on the boys’ side bathrooms so that the monsoon rains will be diverted away from the bathrooms. Today we began the process of cleaning up and will finish tomorrow. The team has had a couple of opportunities for sightseeing in and around Katmandu. On Sunday we visited Patan, an ancient city connected to Katmandu. We saw several old palaces and temples and enjoyed walking around Katmandu for a while. We finished our sightseeing that day with a trip to the Katmandu Zoo, where the team had the experience of riding an elephant! Then, on Monday, the team spent the day at Bhaktapur, an ancient city a few kilometers away from Katmandu which is also full of old palaces and temples. While we are drawing close to our departure time, the team is saddened at the thought of leaving all the kids of Mendies Haven, but also is excited at the idea of seeing family and friends soon. Because we will greatly miss all the kids here, the team is trying to spend as much time as possible with the Haven’s kids. Today the team finished work a little early so we could go on a three hour hike with seventeen of the kids. Then, on Friday, we plan on going on an extended picnic with everyone from the Haven for lunch, and then have a momo (steamed dumplings) party that evening, which is our final night in Nepal.

Updates from team members:

David says: “A couple days ago, we went sightseeing to an ‘old city.’ In this ‘old city’ were many Hindu and Buddhist temples, among which was the temple located inside the palace of the former king. (Until recently, Nepal was a monarchy.) We went to this temple, but only Hindus were allowed in. But we were allowed to stand in the doorway and look in. There were some people around inside, and I was kind of sad that we didn’t get to go in. We went on and saw the rest of the old city. However, back at Mendies Haven, it dawned on me how miserable those people in the temple must be, because they don’t know Jesus, our Lord and Savior. I realize now that I don’t want to be able to go into the temple, because that would mean that I’m not in a relationship with the Lord.”

Daniel says: “During this past month, I have learned a lot about myself. God has really been teaching me patience and self-control. When you get cooped up with four other guys in one room for two months, it can be both aggravating and wonderful. ¬†About three weeks into the trip, both the good things that you love about people and the things that get on your nerves about them start to truly show themselves. This is when God started to teach me about patience. He has helped me to realize my own faults and to learn to cope with the unchangeable things about others. The kids here at Mendies Haven are amazing. I have not seen one of them cry once. They are very kind, caring, and forgiving. I have learned so much through them. They rarely display anger and frustration. They are almost always positive, and they have a good attitude all the time. God has been slowly working in me to humble myself and follow their lead and example. This trip has been a wonderful experience, and I have learned so much through my stay here at Mendies Haven.”


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