40 Accepted Christ!

Orphans with New ShoesWe just returned from the second Unit in Impalim. We were at the Shiloh Christian Church Rescue Unit run by Carine Bih and Bridgit Titu. After our day of doing laundry and repacking we loaded the bus to Fundong. In Fundong we switched vehicles and rode in the back of three pickup trucks the last 15 km to the Unit. Praise the Lord we did not have rain. After we arrived, we set up our tents in very close quarters under a tarp because the rains are very hard in this area. We were very grateful for the tarp within a few hours. The team loved the bumpy ride to the Unit. This Unit is 5000 ft into the mountains and the view was beautiful. The first day we helped the facilitators shell beans until the children arrived. The facilitators have a very large farm and we took back over 200 pounds of beans to sell so that the facilitators can buy uniform material to make school uniforms for the orphans. These gals make the uniforms for all three units. We washed feet, did a presentation and played soccer with the kids. We washed the feet of 80 children and gave them shoes—they were so excited about the shoes. At 4:00 AM that “night”,  more orphans arrived looking for their shoes. We encouraged them to wait until daylight. The second day we taught phonics, did foot washing, did a presentation in which 40 people accepted Christ as their Savior. We taught the orphans and children how to play mingle mingle, red rover, duck duck goose and London Bridge. We then made everyone a balloon. Wow, do they love balloons. We wish we had given out more shoes but this is the time of year when corn is harvested and many of the orphans have to help their guardians or are hired out. All in all we had a wonderful time at the Unit. We have all had cold and coughs due to the cold weather. No one has spent a day in a sick tent. We are spending today doing laundry, verse practice and presentation for Debrief practice. We will shop tomorrow and on Sat. the 8th we head to the captial to begin the flight home. Pray for our 16 hour layover in the Kenya Airport. We plan to practice verses and Debrief programs. Kenyan Airways will give us food—so we are good to go. We have loved our time in Cameroon. It has been a privilege to wash the feet of orphans as well as the friendships we made with those who attended the national Boot Camp. We got to see the Sampson’s Sport Team on the way back from the Impalim Unit and they were so happy to see us all, as we were to see them. Our team has gotten very close and we are sure it will be a tearful goodbye for us all. Lord Bless you and thank you for your prayers!


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